The original KISS breakup… did Ace and Peter got what they deserved? Yes! They absolutely did!

I just finished reading Gene Simmons book, “Kiss or Makeup”. Before this book I just re-read Ace Frehley’s book, “No Regrets”. So now I’ve read all 4 KISS books: Paul Stanley “Face the Music”, Peter Criss “Makeup To Breakup”, Gene Simmons “Kiss Or Makeup” and Ace Frehley “No Regrets”. Why did I read all 4 KISS books? Well, I wanted to get each perspective on the band’s career, their legacy, their feuds and the controversial breakup.

Many want to believe Ace and Peter were treated unfairly. Many would say that Ace and Peter were treated like “employees” instead of being treated like actual band members. Well before you make that assumption, I would suggest you read all 4 Kiss books and then you would see which one is the most truthful. Yeah, each member had their own side of the story of their feud and breakup but which member do I believe was the most truthful?

You maybe pretty surprised by this, guys, that I think Gene Simmons story was the most believable. I was pretty surprised by Gene’s book, “Kiss or Makeup”. A lot of people wanna accuse Gene of being a huge egomaniac but I don’t think he is. After I read Gene’s book, I was surprised on how genuine and humble he was. In Ace and Peter’s book they accused Gene of being “money hungry” but that’s not what I saw. When I read Gene’s book, he made it clear that Kiss wasn’t about the money at all for him and he proves it too. Gene was about the music and the fun. It wasn’t about the money for him. When they kicked Ace and Peter out of the band, was it fair?

Yes! Honestly, after you read all 4 Kiss books, you would immediately see that Ace and Peter deserved it. Why? Because they both were unprofessional douchebags. Ace was always on drugs & alcohol. Peter was too. Peter always had a raging temper. After reading Peter Criss’s book I can tell. Peter is kind of a piece of shit really. I read Peter’s book, “Makeup To Breakup” and all it is it’s just 800 pages full of Peter whining and complaining throughout the book. All Peter did was talk all kinds of trash about the other band members and I’m like, “No wonder Peter got what he got”.

Ace and Peter clearly brought it upon themselves for sure. Gene and Paul tried to give Ace and Peter the spotlight they craved but they were unprofessional from the get go. Always late at recording sessions, sometimes never showing up for them. Ace being lazy. Peter always on drugs and acting crazy, having mood swings. Yeah, so I believe Ace and Peter deserved what they got. Gene and Paul are professionals, they knew what they were doing and people wanna act like they don’t.

Gene’s book was the most truthful.

I’m glad I finally started to get into KISS. Even though I listened to all of their records on Apple Music streaming, I still stand by it that the original lineup with Ace and Peter will always be the best. I’m starting to buy KISS albums from Itunes so I can own them for myself so far I own 4 of them. Kiss albums are surprisingly priced pretty cheap on Itunes, a lot of them are priced at $5.95 so hell yeah! I love the original Kiss lineup and it’s too bad they couldn’t last longer when they could have.


One thought on “The original KISS breakup… did Ace and Peter got what they deserved? Yes! They absolutely did!”

  1. I do agree that Gene had the most truthful book but I do not agree that it was not about the bread. I think he loves what he is doing but very much wanted to make as much money as he could. Paul is also a whiny ass and Ace talked the least shit about his band members. Peter was honest as well but through a cloudy perspective. The ultimate truth is that the original lineup is by far the best one. Ace is the better guitar player and if you have to get a man to imitate him that speaks for itself. Peter is not a better drummer than Eric Singer but more of the same. Peter had a way of playing those songs that were responsible for there original sound. I think that they were all jerks at times but made very good music together. Kiss to me is the original lineup although I do like some of there other music. Thank you and although I disagree I still enjoyed your article.

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