Liberals hate toward conservatives on social networking… why???

It really bothers me and entertaining at the same time how liberals really hate conservatives whether in facebook or twitter. I can’t tell you how many times people with liberal views added me in facebook/twitter for a while then all of a sudden they decide to delete me/block me ’cause they realized I have conservative views. Probably because they felt easily offended that I bash Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. When liberals don’t block me, they usually call me out and bash me in return instead of getting into a civilized debate which most liberals don’t know how to do. All they do is call you bigots, racists or conspiracy theorists.

It really is funny how liberals call you conspiracy theorists when they are the biggest conspiracy theorist out there. They wanna blame George W. on 9/11/01 and that’s one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there. I’m sure there’s more. Liberals have no right to accuse conservatives of believing in conspiracy theories when they do the same with 9/11/01. It’s hypocritical for sure. Make no mistake about it, liberals have conspiracy theories too and they always pretend that they don’t. Their belief in GMO’s that make our food unhealthy, that’s conspiracy theory too. So yeah, they do believe in them.

I’m used to people shitting on me for my conservative views but that’s okay. I’m entitled to my own opinions and views and I don’t speak ’em out to make friends. I think the only reason that libtards hate conservatives is ’cause they know we’re correct most of the time. They just can’t take the truth and that’s the end of it. We’re focused on being honest and real while the left is full of lies and delusions. They despise us ’cause of our views on gay marriage, gun control, abortion, etc.

Us conservatives just can’t seem to get a break from these liberals. They attack us at every turn. They attack me on my blog too. I would say that if we’re getting them mad, then we must be saying the right things. Liberals are so misinformed ’cause they rely on info from the mainstream media. They don’t think outside the box and don’t care to get themselves educated. Libtards are pretty nuts, man. They are getting even nuttier too. They are being taught that way by the media and Democrat politicians.

What bothers me even more is their continuing support for Obama & Hillary. They attack us for bashing them too. When us conservatives speak out on what’s going on with the country, we’re not doing this to get all over liberals and bring them down. No way. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to educate people and wake people up. That’s all we’re doing pretty much. Giving people a reality check but we’re getting really fed up with the left ’cause they refuse to listen to us. Instead, they only believe what the media tells them. They view that as credible source but when it comes to us on the right, they look at us like we’re a fucking joke. We’re only try to help ’cause we care for our American people regardless of the party. If the left wanna hate us, then we’ll hate them in return. That’s how it goes.

The intolerance of the left have gotten much worse. After the gay marriage ruling, all the Bruce Jenner stuff, the Charleston shootings, etc. This country has gone batshit crazy. When will this country ever calm down ’cause we deserve some peace for once? As long as Obama is still in office, we’re never gonna get that.


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