Telling the truth is a punishable offense these days? It seems so…

While what Donald Trump is going through isn’t fair, it’s not going to weaken his president run at all ’cause remember the Donald’s poll numbers are surging so he’s doing GOOD! All this stuff is just making Trump more powerful. Just earning him more votes. All these TV networks and business companies turning their back on him are just giving him a reason for him to be president.

Anyway, it does seem like it’s a punishable offense to tell the truth. Like I said, lying seems to be more acceptable than truth telling. If you’re too honest, you’ll get into a lot of trouble. Possibly get fired from your jobs, get all kinds of drama from your family and friends. You get the deal. I’ve been there.

It is pretty insane how Donald Trump got in trouble for being real yet NBC keeps idiots like Brian Williams and Al Sharpton. What’s wrong with that picture?

Yeah, I do know what it’s like to be punished just for being too honest. I’ve gotten banned off of local music forums in the past just for being too “real” about the music scene, ha! My brutal honesty usually get people mad but that’s okay. I’m just a realist, that’s how I’ve always been.

That’s part of why I post on a blog so I can have my own place where I be honest all I want to. It’s a proven fact that a lot of people get offended easily and I don’t have time to be around those kind of people. I’m offended at people being offended.

There’s nothing wrong with what Donald Trump said at all. The only reason people are attacking him for is for a couple of reasons: 1) He’s a Republican/Conservative (liberals do whatever they can to destroy them) 2) He’s running for president (people attack him out of jealousy). Yep, that pretty much covers it.


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