Why must someone become a liberal? What do they hope to achieve out of it?

There are liberals everywhere. They’re everywhere you look. Most of your family and friends probably have liberal views too. I don’t understand why people feel the need to call themselves “liberals”. Is there really such a thing? How did they become liberals? I’m sure they were taught. How were they taught to have liberal political beliefs? Well, it’s not only the media and democrat politicians… they were definitely responsible but also education like High School & College. High Schools & College have been pretty one-sided lately as well so education is also the blame. The media and Democrat politicians wants to promote liberalism and turn people into liberals so politicians can win elections and get more power.

Well, it’s a proven fact that liberalism isn’t working. Most Americans are getting turned off by liberalism. Most news networks ratings have gone down ’cause they focus on nothing but liberalism. There are actually more conservatives than liberals. There have been more and more people leaving the liberal party and switching to the right. This is why the Obama admin. left the Mexico borders open and bring in more illegals, get them registered as Democrats ’cause they realized that liberalism isn’t working. Everyone knows that liberalism is corrupted and broken.

Why must someone become a liberal? Is it because so that they can have something to feel proud of themselves about and feel courageous about something when they believe in things like gay marriage and all this human rights stuff they’re so obsessed with? I believe they fell into the media’s crap that they actually believe that “liberalism” would be good for the country. They really are misinformed people and that’s why the media targets people into becoming “liberals” ’cause they know they are dumb & naive. The media promotes liberalism ’cause I believe the Obama admin. is controlling the mainstream media. If you noticed on Obama’s twitter page, he gave the NY Times a shoutout and he shares articles by ABC News and stuff so I think something is up with him and the media for sure.

It’s why we need a conservative president in the White House ’cause we gotta put a stop to this “right vs. left” crap. Politics shouldn’t be that way at all. Liberalism is being shoved in our faces at every turn. You can’t escape from it. The media successfully tricked liberals into thinking that Obama is a good president and that’s the sad part about all of this. They support liberal politicians that they shouldn’t be supporting like Obama, Hillary, Bernie, etc. The liberal media is successful at brainwashing them and did a good job of it.

In the past, I used to never view myself as a “liberal” or a “conservative”… I’m a “conservative” now ’cause Obama made me one. The way Obama is controlling the liberal party, that’s what made me want to become a “right-winger” and I’m proud to be one too.

Liberalism is a disease and it’s failing for sure. The media tries it’s best to protect “liberalism” and that’s all they do. We definitely gotta change the way the media reports news ’cause the way they’re doing it now is awful. That’s why we need a conservative president ’cause the media needs to change the way they report news. I think Donald Trump could do a good job of that if he were to be elected.

Liberals have become animals now and they have become so hateful toward the right… ’cause that’s what the media taught them. It’s going to become worse if we don’t do something about it soon and fast.


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