Ted Cruz calls himself a “constitutional conservative” but he cheats elections and not eligible… wtf???


It’s funny to me that Ted Cruz constantly calls himself a “constitutional conservative”. Is he really? From the looks of things, no. Ted is a fraud and a liar. Ted is cheating this election and that is not constitutional. Ted was also not born in America so that’s not constitutional either.

I think the term “constitutional conservative” is pretty fucking stupid to begin with. To me when people call themselves that, it’s you saying “Hey look at me, I know more about the constitution than you do”. Ted claims he’s got the Constitution memorized by heart and carries it everywhere he goes.

Ted Cruz is losing more and more support ’cause his rallies keep getting smaller and smaller… pic for proof:

I can’t stand Ted Cruz and I can’t wait to see his reaction when Trump does get the 1237 which will be pretty soon. Will Ted drop out of the race when Trump does the 1237? He’s gonna have to but if the GOP continues to let Ted run, that would be so wrong.

Ted is a scum bag and anybody who still supports him is a scum bag too.



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