When Trump says he knows a lot about winning, he means it and he shows it…

Around the time the election started, Trump always said that he knows a lot about winning better than anybody. People doubted him and said he was full of shit. Called him delusional and all kinds of names. Well, look at Mr. Trump now…


Yep, you see that right… Trump is at 1002 delegates and will easily get to the 1237 or more pretty soon. After all the poll surges and the primary wins, it’s pretty much proof that Trump does know about winning than anybody. He really does show that he knows about winning after a successful primary run. The man knows what he’s doing and he’s a genius.

With Mr. Trump being a longtime business man, he have to know about winning in order to negotiate and stuff like that so he definitely knows what he’s doing for sure. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who is playing this election fair and square while all the others cheat.

Mr. Trump owns a lot of properties and businesses so he has to be good at “winning” in order to survive in business this long, right?


Mr. Trump winning in this election so far is probably from all of his experience from being a successful business man and CEO. Whether you like Mr. Trump or not, you can’t deny that Trump’s work ethic in this election is absolutely incredible… of course, the haters will never admit that.

Deal with it, Trump is gonna get the 1237 in time before the convention and he will be the GOP nominee. Would you rather have him as GOP nominee instead of Ted Cruz and Kasich? Cruz and Kasich are scum bags and I wouldn’t want those guys as the nominee. Trump all the way please!



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