Is Sylvester Stallone retiring from movies and going to TV???

It seems like Sly is slowly moving away from big screen movies and keeping his focus on TV shows now. Sly is currently hosting a reality TV show called “Strong” on NBC and now he just inked a deal to star in a prime time drama show in which he will play a mob boss which the story was written by Mario Puzo.

Sylvester Stallone & Antoine Fuqua Plot TV Series ‘Omerta,’ ‘The Godfather’ Author Mario Puzo’s Last Novel

It seems like Sly is about to retire from big screen movies pretty soon. Sly gave up Rambo and now it looks like he maybe giving up starring in the “Expendables” movies. You don’t see him in leading roles in big screen movies much anymore so something must be up with him.

It’s understandable ’cause the man is getting old. Sly is almost 70 years old and he probably can’t handle doing action stunts anymore. When he does do big screen movies, he’s probably gonna stay away from doing action movies and do mostly drama films.

This new TV show that Sly is about to star in, the one about the Mob boss sounds interesting, though. I’ll check it out.



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