Yesterday was a very good day… take that Trump haters!!!

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day for the primary election ’cause Trump won Indiana and Hillary lost to Bernie. WOW! While I’m no fan of Bernie Sanders, I was actually happy that Bernie won Indiana and I really mean that too. It’s proof that beating Hillary can be possible. Mr. Trump is now the presumptive nominee and even Reince Priebus is admitting that. Now there is no chance of a contested convention at the RNC like all the haters were hoping. Mr. Trump is gonna get the 1237.

The American people has spoken. We all want Mr. Trump as the next president and it’s gonna happen. This is a big middle finger to all the Trump haters who thought he couldn’t get the 1237.

Yesterday was a good day for sure. It made me happy. I might make a celebration video a little later.


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