Ted Cruz keeps claiming that NY Times has a tape of Trump but I won’t believe it until there’s proof…

Lyin’ Ted is still going around making ridiculous claims that the NY Times has a tape of Trump saying that he won’t build a wall and won’t deport illegal aliens. Well if that claim is true then why hasn’t Ted proved it yet? Why hasn’t the NY Times released the tape yet? I know why NY Times hasn’t released the tape ’cause there probably isn’t one. The tape doesn’t exist. Ted probably made that claim up hoping to get Trump supporters to get them to change their mind about supporting Trump but it isn’t happening. None of us are falling for Ted’s bullshit.

Today Ted Cruz lashed out at Donald Trump in the media calling him a pathological liar and narcissist. LOL, really? Ted just explained himself ’cause he’s the one who is the pathological liar and narcissist, not Donald Trump.

For Ted’s nonstop attacks and accusations at Donald Trump, Ted lost a lot more support in Indiana today and here is the proof:


As you can see, Donald Trump is kicking ass in Indiana today. Cruz and Kasich are done. Those two jackasses are gonna have to drop out after their defeat in Indiana today. I don’t see how they could continue after today.

Ted thinks he’s gonna take Trump’s voters by attacking Mr. Trump but instead Ted’s supporters jump aboard the Trump train.

Deal with it, haters. America has spoken and we all want Mr. Trump as president.

I hate Ted Cruz even more now. Can you imagine a Ted Cruz presidency? Cruz will be 10x’s worse than George W. and Obama. Ted really is a piece of garbage. Ted attacks the voters, attacking the American people and that’s what a candidate shouldn’t be doing. That’s a huge part of why Ted is losing more and more support. When you want to become president you can’t be insulting the voters. That’s why Ted lost Indiana today.

Will Ted drop out of the race and team up with Donald Trump to take down Hillary? I don’t know… that will probably never happen ’cause from the looks of things Mr. Trump will not want anything to do with Ted ’cause Ted said some pretty nasty things about Trump’s wife. Ted just wouldn’t stop attacking Trump so I don’t think they’ll ever team up together. We’ll wait and see, though. I hope Donald and Ted don’t team up ’cause that wouldn’t be good for Donald’s campaign.

Gotta love how karma works.


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