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Ted Cruz calls himself a “constitutional conservative” but he cheats elections and not eligible… wtf???


It’s funny to me that Ted Cruz constantly calls himself a “constitutional conservative”. Is he really? From the looks of things, no. Ted is a fraud and a liar. Ted is cheating this election and that is not constitutional. Ted was also not born in America so that’s not constitutional either.

I think the term “constitutional conservative” is pretty fucking stupid to begin with. To me when people call themselves that, it’s you saying “Hey look at me, I know more about the constitution than you do”. Ted claims he’s got the Constitution memorized by heart and carries it everywhere he goes.

Ted Cruz is losing more and more support ’cause his rallies keep getting smaller and smaller… pic for proof:

I can’t stand Ted Cruz and I can’t wait to see his reaction when Trump does get the 1237 which will be pretty soon. Will Ted drop out of the race when Trump does the 1237? He’s gonna have to but if the GOP continues to let Ted run, that would be so wrong.

Ted is a scum bag and anybody who still supports him is a scum bag too.


Ted Cruz is a piece of garbage… he has no chance but he thinks he’s gonna win… is he delusional?

Ted Cruz is too predictable. I just knew that he was probably gonna pick Carly as his running mate. It’s a proven fact that Ted has no chance. He is mathematically eliminated. Ted can never get to the 1237 but he will never admit that. He’s going around continuing to act like he’s going to win. Even though he knows he won’t win, he keeps thinking that he’s going to get the GOP nomination at the Convention. He thinks there’s going to be a “Contested Convention” but there won’t be one at all if Donald Trump is able to get to the 1237 which should be no problem for Trump.

John Kasich backed out of Indiana so Kashich won’t be on the Indiana ballots at all. It will just be Trump vs. Cruz in the Indiana primary which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. They think that’s gonna help Ted win Indiana but it’s not gonna happen. I’m predicting that Trump is gonna win Indiana, big time. That will show that Cruz and Kasich’s deal would fail. Ted Cruz is losing more and more support because of his deal with Kasich. Now Ted is losing a lot more support ’cause he picked Carly Fiorina as his Vice President running mate.

Seriously? That is an odd team up ’cause both Ted and Carly has different views on Islam. Ted maybe a little aggressive on Islam yes but Carly is too friendly with Islam, though.

If Ted Cruz seriously wanted to take down Hillary Clinton, he would drop out of the race and team up with Trump but he hasn’t done that yet. Ted is definitely desperate. Ted already lost the election but all he wants to do is take down Trump.

Ted is a loser and anybody who supports him and is part of the “Cruz Crew” is a loser too. Ted is an egomaniac and a liar for sure. Ted really needs to get out of the race. Ted is gonna have to get out of the race once Donald reaches the 1237. It’s gonna happen, y’all. Trump will get to the 1237 and delusional Ted doesn’t think he’s going to.

I can’t wait to see Ted’s reaction when Trump does get to the 1237. It’s going to be funny.


People who once supported John Kasich and Ted Cruz are voting for Trump now! Amazing stuff!!!

When will the media and the GOP get the hint that the more they go after Donald Trump, the more they are helping him? This is exactly what’s happening now. Ted and John announced they are teaming up together to deny Trump the nomination at the Convention but even their own supporters aren’t even liking that idea. I look at the official facebook pages of Kasich and Cruz. I’m seeing a lot of former supporters bashing their own candidates. Kasich supporters have turned their backs on Kasich and Cruz supporters have turned their backs on Cruz. Most of them are now former supporters of Cruz and Kasich, they are all voting for Trump now. Pretty amazing stuff really.

Cruz and Kasich keeps losing more and more supporters, aren’t they? They think they’re gonna block Trump of the nomination so one of them could become GOP nominee. Not gonna happen.

Americans wants Cruz and Kasich to drop out but they won’t ’cause they’re desperate. They will do anything to take down Trump and that’s all they care about. I wish they would grow up… drop out and team up with Donald so they can work on taking down Hillary but I don’t see that happening now. All Cruz and Kasich are doing are showing their hatred toward Donald even more and Donald wouldn’t want anything to do with them now.

I think I may as well switch to Independent voter ’cause I’m fed up with the GOP. I might actually do it pretty soon.


The difference between a Trump rally and a Cruz/Kasich rally…

Here’s what a Ted Cruz rally looks like…

Here’s what a John Kasich rally looks like…

Here’s what a Donald Trump rally looks like:

Can you understand why those two jackasses are upset at Trump now? Trump has his rallies at large arenas while Ted & John has their rallies in smaller places. Says a lot about them!


If the GOP is successful at stealing the nomination from Trump, I’m leaving the Republican party and switching to Independent…

So Ted Cruz and John Kasich has announced that they are teaming up together to help block the nomination on Trump at the Convention. I think I’ve said this before a few times as well that the only reason Ted and John wouldn’t drop out of the race even though they are doing badly in the primaries is ’cause they think they are going to steal the nomination from Trump. Period. If that happens and if they are successful then I’ll be leaving the Republican party and will switch my party affiliation to “independent”. If that happens and if Cruz or Kasich becomes the GOP nominee instead of Trump, I don’t think I’ll vote for the election at all ’cause I don’t want to vote for Hillary either. If Trump gets robbed of the nomination then I won’t vote at all.

Why are other GOP candidates desperate in stopping Trump? It’s because in their delusional mind they believe America doesn’t want Trump as president. It’s obvious they’re in a desperate attempt to get more votes from all of Trump’s haters. Ted and John are indeed jealous of Trump ’cause they can’t take the fact that Trump is doing better than them in the election.

I know how some voters believe that Trump is a bad idea for America but sorry to break it to you, haters is that’s not how we think at all. We all want Trump as president ’cause we know he’s the best bet. The haters are imploding ’cause they can’t stand the fact that we want him as president. It’s amazing how much hatred Trump supporters get but that’s okay, I’ll take the hatred as a compliment ’cause all that’s doing is making me show my support for Trump even more.

When will people understand that the more you go after Donald Trump, the more you’re helping him? It’s helping Trump become even stronger.

Cruz and Kasich’s move is also suicide for the GOP party. If they’re successful at stealing Trump’s nomination then even more people will be leaving the Republican party. It’ll be the death of the GOP.

I predicted a long time ago that the GOP are gonna try to block the nomination from Trump and I was right. It’s not gonna happen, though. Trump himself will find a way to stop ’em. Trust me.


Ted Cruz and John Kasich both have no chance now so they may as well drop out…


I think this is pretty much proof that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are both mathematically out. Ted Cruz wants to say that Kasich is mathematically out? Well Hypocrite Ted shouldn’t be talking. These two jackasses both need to get out of the race.

This also proves that Trump will indeed be the GOP nominee. He will easily get the 1237 or more according to the polls above. People are losing interest in Ted Cruz, big time. More people are regretting supporting Ted Cruz which is good. That’s why Donald Trump going after Ted is a good thing. That’s what Donald Trump is good at. He’s good at waking people up.

I see that Marco Rubio is about to endorse Trump soon. Since all Marco Rubio did was attack Trump throughout the election, it’s looking like Rubio is about to have a change of heart with Trump. Rubio is planning to team up with Trump in order to help take down Hillary which is good. Ted Cruz and John Kasich should think about doing the same thing. Ted and John should drop out of the race and team up with Trump to help take down Hillary.

We really need to unify the GOP party ’cause it’s so divided right now and we can’t have that.

Deal with it Trump haters. Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee and he will easily defeat Hillary in the “General Election”. If Hillary can’t put up with heated debates and personal attacks then she doesn’t have what it takes to go against Trump at all. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump is definitely gonna be the next one in the White House. I’ve been predicting this from the very beginning.


For once, I agree with Bernie Sanders on something… “closed” primaries in NY state is bullshit…

While I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders at all, sometimes he can say like 1 or 2 things that I actually agree with and I agree with him here 100%. “Closed” primaries in New York Voting is wrong. This election this year really is unfair for both sides of the spectrum. 2016 really is the year that both Republicans & Democrat voters find out that the system is rigged.

Colorado cancelled the Republican voting and gave all the delegates to Ted Cruz, that is crazy.

No voters should be shut out to make their choice, you know?

I think this is just another attempt to stop Donald Trump who I just voted for successfully, btw.


Like most people, I think voting for your party only is pretty lame. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump loses NY despite the high poll numbers and Ted Cruz ends up winning NY instead ’cause of the “closed” primary.

Everyone is finally realizing that the elections is rigged which I find amazing. I knew we would wake up on the election process someday. I do think Trump will win NY later tonight, though and I’m praying for him. Hopefully NY State doesn’t rob Trump ’cause that would be so wrong. If Lyin’ Ted ends up winning NY anyways then we’re really screwed.

I’m sure Democrat voters feel the same way with Hillary winning everything when Bernie is more popular.

This election is bullshit overall so I’m with most people. The people should pick the president… not the media or the government. We’re gonna show them that.