We don’t know much about Ted Cruz just like we don’t know much about Obama…

Ted Cruz and Barack Obama both have one thing in common. We know nothing about either one of them. Ted Cruz is very secretive and mysterious about his past much like Obama. Ted Cruz sealed a lot of his personal info just like Obama. Are we gonna keep having this shit? Politicians hiding so much about their personal lives… they keep it all hidden hoping to become president? If Obama was successful at getting away with it, other foreigners are gonna give it a try like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. We know nothing about Ted’s past. It’s turning out that Ted is a serial cheater and womanizer. There’s even more juicy information about Ted that he has had a past with prostitution as well.

That’s the thing with politicians, ya know? In public, politicians may seem like they’re normal people which is why a lot of people think there is nothing wrong with them. Once you get a reality check of who these politicians are, you’ll find out that they are not normal. Politicians may seem like perfect people who are doing things for America but in reality, these people are humans like us. Yes, they can do stupid and crazy things like us, make no mistake about it. They may seem like they’re friendly people but in reality they aren’t.

Since Barack Obama was successful at getting away with his fake birth certificate, others are gonna give it a try. We’ll keep having this in the 2020 elections too. It’ll get much worse.

We know nothing about Ted Cruz just like we know nothing about Obama. I’m so sick of this. Corrupted politicians thinking they can become president but we know nothing about them at all.

Why is it important that we should know more about a candidate when running for president? It’s because we want someone that we can trust. If someone is running for president and if we don’t know much about him/her then how can we trust them, ya know? If we get a president we don’t know much about then that person will be a bad president. You know how in real life that we shouldn’t trust someone we don’t know well? Well it’s the same with the president/candidate. We shouldn’t trust people we don’t know.

Sad thing is that it seems like each time we get a candidate we don’t know much about, that candidate all of a sudden becomes the most popular. That’s what’s happened with Barack Obama and Ted Cruz. We shouldn’t be supporting someone we don’t know much about but the American people just goes ahead and supports them anyways. That’s messed up, man. Why do we have to keep supporting candidates we don’t know? I blame that on the media for sure. The media doesn’t want to be honest about “transparency” which is the problem. A lot of misinformed voters get brainwashed by the media. As long as the media says that Obama and Ted Cruz are good people, voters will naively buy into that stuff.

I can’t stand Ted Cruz and when Donald Trump wins Wisconsin this Tuesday, it should be over for Ted.



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