Wrestlemania 32 review…

Well last night on WWE Network, I got to watch “Wrestlemania 32” for FREE ’cause I signed up for their free trial. Over the weekend, I’ve started to watch older Wrestlemanias on it and so far, I’m very impressed with WWE Network. It’s actually a cool streaming service ’cause you can watch old school wrestling on there. WWE Network has everything. It has every episode of RAW and SMACKDOWN. It also has every WWE PPV. It even has all the WCW and ECW ppvs as well. WWE Network is not just a streaming service, it’s also a 24 hr. wrestling channel which is cool.

Anyway, I got to watch Wrestlemania 32 last night on WWE Network for FREE ’cause I didn’t want to pay $60 or $70 for a ppv, ya know? I think I’m gonna keep WWE Network for sure. I can watch WWE Network on my PS3 ’cause I installed the app on the PS3 and watched it on there. WWE Network is pretty similar to Netflix but a little different. I plan on keeping both Netflix and WWE Network but I’m gonna have to cancel the Netflix DVD rental as a way to help cut down costs. I don’t need Netflix DVD rental anyways but I’ll keep the Netflix streaming, though. If I want to rent movies, I can just rent them through the Itunes store.

On with my Wrestlemania 32 review, it was a pretty good Wrestlemania. Not the best Wrestlemania ever but pretty good. Could have been better but the best matches of the night were the IC Championship ladder match, the Triple Threat Divas Championship match, AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho, Undertaker vs. Shane “Hell in a Cell” and “Triple H vs. Roman Reigns”.

Here are my thoughts on each match from last night:

Ladder Match for the IC Title: 7 mid-card superstars took part in this match and it was surprisingly very fun and exciting. I liked the match a lot. Glad Zach Ryder got the win ’cause I liked him for a pretty long time.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles: This was definitely one of the best matches of the night. Technical wrestling is finally back! This match was true wrestling right here. Chris and AJ were both really good. I remember watching AJ Styles on TNA wrestling and I always knew one day he would make it in WWE. AJ Styles is a talent you should be looking up to ’cause we have a future main eventer and future WWE Champion. I’m glad Jericho won this match ’cause I’ve been a Jericho fan for a pretty long time. Still am.

The League of Nations vs. The New Day: This wasn’t a very good match but it got a lot better when Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels HBK made surprising appearances at the end of match. I’m glad to see Mick Foley back in WWE finally and it was great to see Foley back in action. We haven’t seen Foley in action in a long time and I’m glad he used the sock aka the Mandible Claw.

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose “Street Fight”: This match was just okay and nothing special. They kept it in the ring the whole time and called it a “Street Fight”? Really? How about taking the fight outside of the ring like fight in the audience, backstage or even outside of the arena like the good old days of wrestling? That’s how “Street Fights” in WWE used to be. Why the change?

The Rock segment: Cena/the Rock vs. The Wyatt Family: This segment was pretty lame and boring at best. The Rock’s speech was pretty long and boring. Why do Rock segments at Wrestlemania have to be so damn long? *yawn* I used to like the Rock but he hasn’t been interesting anymore. I’m not looking forward to John Cena being back either.

Triple Threat Divas Championship w/ Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch:
Never thought I would say this for a Divas match but I think this match would have to be another favorite of the night. This match was surprisingly amazing. It was a pretty thrilling and exciting match actually. I thought the three women Charlotte, Sasha and Becky played this match beautifully. Yes, there was actually some good wrestling going on and we haven’t had this in a long time. My eyes were glued to the screen during this match. This was the best Divas match in a long time and I really mean that too. I am now a fan of Charlotte Flair who is the daughter of Ric Flair.

20 Man Andre the Giant Battle Royal: This match was pretty dumb. I believe this match was put on the card as a way to fill up time for the card, nothing more.

The Undertaker vs. Shane “Hell in a Cell”: Not surprised that the Undertaker ended up winning this one and it was a clean win for the Undertaker. Nobody came in to help Shane at all but Shane was doing good. This match was just okay but could have been better. It’s not a “Hell in a Cell” match with no blood and there wasn’t any. Plus they rehashed a lot of stuff from the Mick Foley vs. Undertaker “Hell in a Cell” matches in the past like when Shane jumped off from the top of the Cell and into the announcer table, that was borrowed from Foley, I think. Don’t get me wrong, this was an exciting match but could have been better.

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for WWE Title: I was expecting Triple H to win this one but Roman Reigns ended up winning it. This was a great match surprisingly. Both men did a good job and they kept it unpredictable too. Only thing I didn’t like about the match is Stephanie ’cause she’s annoying as fuck. Other than that, this was a great match.

Overall a pretty good Wrestlemania. Glad I got to watch it for FREE and don’t have to pay a thing thanks to the WWE Network free trial! I plan to watch RAW tonight to see what happens after.



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