Is there a difference between Republican & Democrat these days? We really need a third party!

A lot of people want to mistakenly believe that the Republican party is a pretty conservative party but the way things are going these days, Republican is not conservative anymore. The Republican party is so divided these days thanks to Ted Cruz and his big fat mouth. I blame the division on the Republican party on Ted. Donald Trump didn’t destroy the Republican party, all he did was exposed how corrupt the GOP is… I blame Ted Cruz for destroying the GOP. It’s easy to see. Ted has successfully gotten so-called conservatives to go on hating Donald Trump. That’s how divisive the GOP is.

With that being said, I’ve always believed that the GOP and Democrat is pretty much the same. The GOP has become more liberal than ever these days. The GOP in Congress has agreed to too many liberal policies, it’s pretty sickening. The more the GOP goes after Donald Trump, the more it is clear that they never intended to take down Obama. If you want me to back up my points on how the GOP is becoming more liberal these days is that they have been helping Obama on a lot of his liberal policies. The corrupted GOP allowed Obama to pass Obamacare, Obamatrade, The FCC internet rules and many other things. We elected the GOP to take down Obama but they never did a damn thing. Instead, they helped Obama. The GOP also never did anything to stop gay marriage becoming the law of land either so I take it that they all support “gay marriage”? It seems that Democrats and the GOP are on the same side.

To me, the GOP and Democrats are the same party it seems like. They aren’t against each other like they used to be. We are in desperate need of a third party. So if Mr. Trump decides to run as an independent all of a sudden then kudos to him. If Trump goes independent then I will. I will switch my party if he does. It still could be possible that Mr. Trump could go independent the more the GOP continues to plot on him.

This election is so crazy, man. The funny thing is Mr. Trump is a Republican so he’s part of the GOP as well so when a political party goes after someone in their own party then there’s something wrong there.

My feelings are that if you call yourself a conservative and if you hate Donald Trump then you’re not a real conservative. Ted Cruz and all of his whacky supporters are not real conservatives. They’re all liberals pretending to be conservatives. In other words, they’re closet liberals. I know Mr. Trump is a true conservative ’cause I know a lot about “conservatism” better than anybody. Everyone was so hung up on trying to make Mr. Trump look like a fake conservative but it didn’t work for them so now they’re trying to destroy him on “abortion”.

Everybody thinks Mr. Trump is gonna lose this election miserably and I think he’s going to win it all the way. I’ve tried to warn people and they won’t listen. They think Trump is gonna lose this election over a “Contested” or “Brokered” convention but neither of those will happen either. Trump will easily win the 1237 delegates needed to win nomination and he’s just about there.

While all the negativity toward Mr. Trump pisses me off but at the same time, it entertains the hell out of me. Don’t people have better things to do than hate on Trump? The haters are more obsessed with Mr. Trump than they are with their support for Bernie Sanders.

We really need a third party pretty badly and that’s why we need Trump in the White House.



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