It’s not really all that hard to apply scales to chord progressions, it’s very easy!

In the past, I used to struggle with jamming over chord progressions. I love jamming so much. I love playing lead guitar and I love soloing! It’s what I picked up the guitar for to begin with ’cause I wanted to play lead guitar like all the greats! I am finding that playing scales over chord progressions and making it sound good is actually pretty easy. That’s why you gotta learn your music theory, ya know? I’m so glad I learned it ’cause it is helping me a lot.

However, though, I won’t learn a lot of scales. The only scales I’ll use are probably just the major/minor pentatonic scales and the modes. I enjoy modal jamming too!

I just wish I have a good ear in music and that’s improving too. I’m starting to get the hang of what a lot of notes sound like and memorizing sounds. I’m doing all I can to master the art of “improvisation” and become a wiz at music theory but I’m getting there, though!

While I think I’m an okay lead guitarist, I also need to work on the phrasing and try to sound more melodic. When you want to become a great lead guitarist, sounding musical is key. When soloing, you don’t want to sound like you’re running up and down scales in every song. You gotta sound musical and that’s my goal.

I’m not a shredder yet but that is my goal. I would like to play 200 bpm or more but it’ll take a lot of practice to get there.

I’m doing all I can to improve my guitar playing and take it to the next level. It’s fun and I love learning music and love playing guitar.



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