Do you think WWE was bad for Donald Trump’s politics? If so you may wanna read this article!

A lot of people like to criticize Mr. Trump for his involvement and history with WWE. Donald Trump has had a long history with WWE that goes way back in the 80’s. Donald Trump and Vince McMahon has been very close for many years.

Whether you love Trump or hate him, you can’t deny that he is very entertaining in politics. He has a way of making us all obsessed with the guy. Why is Trump so entertaining and fun to watch? Probably because his involvement with WWE helped his political persona.

Read this interesting article. It’s actually an interesting article really. Trump’s involvement with WWE actually helped get him into politics. Trump is enjoyable and entertaining in politics ’cause he probably gets a lot of it from WWE.

A lot of haters want to believe that Trump shouldn’t be president ’cause of WWE but why not, y’all? Keep in mind that Ronald Reagan was once in the entertainment business too ’cause he was a movie star. Back in the day when Ronald Reagan was running for president, I’m sure a lot of people criticized him and said he shouldn’t be president ’cause of him being a movie star. Well if the USA can make a movie star president then the USA can make a TV star president.

Anybody can be president. It doesn’t have to be just career politicians, ya know?


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