Like I predicted before, Trump is so big & popular that election fraud can’t even stop him…


Around the time this election started, remember when I predicted a long time ago that some states are gonna try election fraud and other candidates are gonna try to stop him? Remember that I also predicted that no matter how much they try to cheat, they can’t stop Trump? Well, turns out my prediction was exactly right. I was right on the money. I knew they were gonna try election fraud to stop Trump and even election fraud can’t even stop him. Why? Simply because he has a massive amount of supporters in the US and the poll above proves it. The bigger Trump gets, the lesser chances of other people trying to stop Trump no matter how hard they try. It’s been proven that the election system is rigged and always has been.

Ted definitely cheated the state of Colorado by cancelling the Republican voting and he stole the delegates. I’m sure Ted is gonna keep trying to do that but even that won’t stop Trump. Trump will easily get the 1237 in time before July.

Read this article:

Deal with it, haters. Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee. It’s probably gonna be Trump vs. Hillary in the General.

I’m planning to vote this coming Tuesday ’cause I can vote for the NY primary. I looked up my registration online and I’m still a registered Republican so they are allowing me to vote. Can’t wait!



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