I don’t write singles or hit songs, I just make music…

There’s a lot of local bands & solo artists that are worried about which songs of theirs that would be good for “singles” or radio friendly. If you’re that type of musician who are more worried about making hit songs for the radio then you’re doing it wrong, in my opinion. There are too many that want their songs played on local radio stations like EQX and all that shit. All that stuff is good and cool but, ya know with my music, I never cared to write radio friendly songs. I’m not worried about that at all ’cause I just make music — pure and simple.

To me, I can never tell which of my original songs would be good for radio or as a “single” to make a music video with and all that stuff. I never really called my songs “hit songs” or singles. I just let the music speak on it’s own. If other people want to call some of my songs a “hit” single then that’s fine. It’s a good idea to let your listeners pick the “hit songs” and not you. That’s how it should be done the way I look at it.

In my opinion, a “hit song” is not how radio friendly it sounds… a “hit song” is how many listeners it has gotten. If you put a bunch of songs online, you’ll know your song is a hit when it gets a lot of “plays”.

Just staying humble with yourself is what it’s all about.

To me, I don’t care about getting my songs on the radio. I just make music for myself and others. That’s all I’m worried about pretty much. I don’t want to be a “hit maker” ’cause honestly that’s not where I want my music to go. I don’t want to be a “mainstream” artist like so many live under the delusion of. I’m even happy even if just 1 or two people listen to my songs. Have some respect for yourself as an artist.



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