Well, I think I’m done uploading videos in youtube… screw them…

Today I tried to upload my latest videoblog to youtube also but I just found out it didn’t upload ’cause it was too long. I’m like, wtf? When did things change again? You can still upload videos to youtube longer than 15 mins.; however, they make you verify your account by a cell phone now. I don’t have a cell phone anymore so now I can’t verify my account in order to upload long videos.

So I think I’m done with youtube for good this time. I’ll keep my account so I can still have my old videos on there still but I will no longer upload videos to youtube anymore. I can’t stand the way youtube is now. I despise youtube. I don’t like youtube red and don’t like how we have to stick through advertisements in order to watch a video and all that shit. I also don’t like how youtube is getting even more strict on copyrights. Youtube is getting worse and I’ve been avoiding that site for a while now and I think I’m done with youtube for good.

I think I’ll upload my videos to facebook instead ’cause that’s better. I uploaded my latest videoblog to FB with no problem.

I know it’s “technology” and things changes but youtube isn’t fun anymore like they used to be. Youtube sucks. Screw them.


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