Ted Cruz wants gay people killed and media ignores it, what’s up???

Is the mainstream media protecting Ted Cruz? It certainly seems like it. Not sure why. I think it’s because even if the media doesn’t like Ted, they’re protecting him ’cause they want Ted to be GOP nominee over Trump. If they reported this story all over the mainstream news then Ted’s candidacy is done. They want to keep Ted alive in the race ’cause they’re hoping Ted would beat Trump. That’s all they care about is getting rid of Trump and they would do anything.


Since Ted didn’t do anything to stop the loony Pastor from saying that gays should be killed then that means that Ted actually agrees with that idea. Ted probably hates homosexuals and you don’t see liberals getting all over him for it.

Liberal media has been so protective of gays over the years but they are not being protective of gays over this “execution of gays” thing. This is very strange to me, indeed. For the record, I’ve always been supportive of gay people myself (I’m still not a fan of gay marriage, though) but I wouldn’t want them killed and since Ted just walked out on stage, it seems he’s embracing that idea. Ted is a downright homophobe for sure.



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