Liberals still believe Trump is going to lose this election miserably… I disagree…

Liberals will say anything to make it look like that Trump is gonna lose the election. I mean, in the beginning of the election when Trump started running, they tried to make it look like that Trump is a plant to help Hillary. Trump proved them all wrong about that. He’s not in it to help Hillary at all. Trump silenced his doubters. Since Trump being the plant for Hillary didn’t work out, they would try something else to make it look like that he’s gonna lose the election like getting blocked at the National Convention and things like that. Hahaha!

All this further proves is that liberals really do live in a delusional fantasy world. They’ve always had. Trump is the real deal and he’s really in it to win it. Trump is the only candidate who is playing this election “fairly” and “legally” while all the other candidates win by voter fraud. It’s been proven time and time again that Trump doesn’t cheat this election at all. He’s self-funding this campaign all himself. Meaning, he’s paying for his campaign out of his own money so how could he cheat? You only cheat through donors and Trump doesn’t use donors.

I’m still predicting that Trump is gonna win this entire election by a landslide. You honestly think Bernie or Hillary has what it takes to beat Trump? Seriously? No matter who is going to be the Democrat nomination, Trump will beat either one of them easily. Trump will destroy both Hillary or Bernie in the General, it will be easy for him. Once Trump wins the GOP nomination and then he wins the General becomes the next President of the United States, I can sit here and have fun watching the liberals implode. I can’t wait to see the looks of liberals faces when the Donald does get elected. It’s gonna happen. Trump is gonna be the next one. He’ll easily take the liberal vote and he will figure out a way for liberals to vote for him even if they don’t want to.

Trump will be victorious of this election all the way. I really meant what I said that when Trump wins the General Election and becomes the next Prez, I will make a video of myself singing the “National Anthem”. Trump is gonna be the next one and you’re just gonna have to accept that.



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