Trump won more counties in Wisconsin than Ted Cruz but Ted wins Wisconsin anyways, wtf???

I don’t think the election and the media is being honest about this presidential race at all. If you look at the link below, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump won more counties in Wisconsin than Ted Cruz. The evidence is there in the link below. It doesn’t make any sense to me that a candidate wins the most counties in a state but the opponent wins anyways? Technically, Donald Trump is the real winner of Wisconsin for sure. The establishment isn’t being honest at all. Ted Cruz is cheating still, for sure. No doubt.

Why does the media and the GOP establishment seem like they have a hardon for Ted Cruz? They don’t. They hate Ted Cruz just as much, they’re just using Ted hoping to stop the Donald. That’s all. Ted thinks he’s gonna win the election by attacking the Donald.

Media thinks Donald Trump is finished with his so-called “loss” of Wisconsin but it ain’t over yet. Not by a long shot, y’all. Wait until the New York and Pennsylvania primaries come, Trump will take those states easily.

Trump is gonna win the 1237 easily. Trust me on that. Reince Priebus is gonna try to stop Trump but it’s not gonna happen. This election is so unfair and so corrupt. Like I warned you before, many states are gonna try election fraud but no matter how many times they try to cheat, Trump will figure out a way to win.

The sad thing is, Trump haters don’t care if the rules of the election are not followed… they just want Trump gone no matter what it takes. They’ll do anything to get rid of him even if it’s illegal.

If Trump loses the nomination, not only there will be a riot and a lot of protesting, Trump is probably gonna sue the GOP and the establishment.

I believe that Trump is gonna get the nomination and get elected. When that happens, I can sit here and watch the haters implode.


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