Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are proof that elections can be rigged… everyone’s realizing it now finally…

For a long time, it has always been believed that rigged elections is a conspiracy theory. People always had a hard time believing that cheating elections is possible but is it “conspiracy theory” now? You’ll have to admit that people cheating elections is no longer “conspiracy theory” and it’s now real. I always knew it was real and it can be possible, absolutely. People don’t follow election rules and laws, they would do anything to win.

That’s how Barack Obama won twice, he stole both elections in 2008 and 2012. I truly believe McCain won the 2008 election and Romney won the 2012 election — they were both robbed by Obama. If you think the people elected Obama, no. Think again.

Ted Cruz is cheating, big time. That’s already been proven. Hillary Clinton is also cheating big time and that’s been proven also.

For the longest time, people can’t see how elections are rigged and people are finally starting to see it. It’s great actually. People are starting to realize that the government and the media picks the president and not the people.

It is still possible to stop Ted and Hillary, though. The way to stop Ted is to expose him of his nationality/birthplace… prove that Ted is not eligible to be prez and then he’s done. To stop Hillary, prove her guilt of Benghazi and the e-mails, then she’s finished for good. Both of these could be possible still.

I think Ted will be done soon anyway. Even though Ted has divided the Republican party, I think Ted’s supporters will soon wake up, throw in the towel and support Trump. I think Cruz supporters will wake up soon, trust me. They’ll soon realize that supporting lying Ted was wrong and they’ll support Trump instead. Give it time, y’all.

Trump will find a way to stop ’em both, trust me.



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