For once, I agree with Bernie Sanders on something… “closed” primaries in NY state is bullshit…

While I’m not a fan of Bernie Sanders at all, sometimes he can say like 1 or 2 things that I actually agree with and I agree with him here 100%. “Closed” primaries in New York Voting is wrong. This election this year really is unfair for both sides of the spectrum. 2016 really is the year that both Republicans & Democrat voters find out that the system is rigged.

Colorado cancelled the Republican voting and gave all the delegates to Ted Cruz, that is crazy.

No voters should be shut out to make their choice, you know?

I think this is just another attempt to stop Donald Trump who I just voted for successfully, btw.

Like most people, I think voting for your party only is pretty lame. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump loses NY despite the high poll numbers and Ted Cruz ends up winning NY instead ’cause of the “closed” primary.

Everyone is finally realizing that the elections is rigged which I find amazing. I knew we would wake up on the election process someday. I do think Trump will win NY later tonight, though and I’m praying for him. Hopefully NY State doesn’t rob Trump ’cause that would be so wrong. If Lyin’ Ted ends up winning NY anyways then we’re really screwed.

I’m sure Democrat voters feel the same way with Hillary winning everything when Bernie is more popular.

This election is bullshit overall so I’m with most people. The people should pick the president… not the media or the government. We’re gonna show them that.



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