Video: Trump supporter tells Ted Cruz the man himself to drop out of the race…

This video is pretty awesome stuff. A group of Trump supporters confronts Ted Cruz and one guy tells Ted Cruz to drop out to his face. He also wasn’t afraid to call him “Lying Ted” to his face as well. The guy arguing with Ted himself has a lot of balls.

Did I just hear Ted correctly that he was asking those Trump supporters to vote for Ted? LOL! Did Ted actually think those guys holding up Trump signs would vote for him? Ha!

That guy has a lot of balls to say “We don’t want you” to Ted’s face ’cause I would say the same thing if I ever meet Ted in person.

Ted Cruz is still claiming that the NY Times has on tape that Trump said he’s not gonna build a wall and not deport people. I’m not gonna believe that claim unless Ted shows proof of that and so far he hasn’t. How come the NY Times hasn’t released the tape yet? Probably ’cause there is no tape of Donald saying that. Ted is probably making that claim up. I’m betting your money on it.

I can’t wait until the day Trump actually gets the 1237 or more and we can all watch Ted go crazy. Ted will probably end up becoming Donald Trump’s friend after that.


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