Video: Illegal immigrant Mexican children scream out swearing and other obscenities… classy…

Seriously, are these the kind of people that we want to be giving all of these free goodies in the USA? You want these people getting free health care, free homes, better paying jobs and all that stuff? These are the kind of people we have to be kind to? Seriously?

It’s amazing to me that Bernie fans and other liberals live in this delusional fantasy world that they believe illegal aliens are good people. I posted this video on my facebook page today expecting it to get them all fired up and defend them but so far, I get nothing but silence by liberals. Liberals in my facebook page usually respond to everything they disagree with I post but they haven’t responded to that video I posted. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe they couldn’t think of a way to defend them is why and they couldn’t take the truth is probably the reason. They realized that Donald Trump is right about illegal aliens and they will never admit it. Liberals will never admit that illegal mexicans are bad people.

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t hate Mexican people. I will only like them if they come here legally. If they want to come here to the US legally, that’s fine but I’m not okay with undocumented people. Undocumented people deserve no support and no respect. Get ’em out and deport ’em all. Deport ’em back to where they came from.

So you ask, why would young children swear and say other kinds of bad language? Well, obviously they weren’t raised right. Bad parenting obviously. Illegal aliens don’t know how to raise their kids. They’ll grow up to become criminals.

All of these undocumented Mexicans protesting Trump rallies is doing is proving all the reasons why we need that wall. The undocumented Mexicans lost the debate. They’re done. This video I posted above will make even more people want to vote for Trump.



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