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We finally have tax reform… historic week in DC…WOW!

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This week is a historic week in DC. It’s very exciting. We finally have tax reform which is long overdue. We’ve been trying to lower taxes in America for over a decade and we finally did it thanks to Trump.

I’m not a big fan of Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell like most Trump supporters, but it’s really nice to finally see those two guys working with the president for once. If it wasn’t for Trump then Ryan and McConnell wouldn’t have gotten tax reform for us; they would have still been “all talk, no action” losers. Well Trump changed that and made the GOP controlled Congress get to work which was amazing to see! It is nice to see a GOP Congress do something for the people for a change.

See how amazing of a negotiator Trump really is? This guy is serious and he’s no joke… that’s why he got our vote.

Ever since the tax bill has been signed into law, already positive results started coming out of it. AT&T announced they’ve giving away bonus’s for their employees for Christmas and other companies raised the minimum wage for $15 pr. hr. Liberals fought so hard for $15 pr. hr. minimum wage jobs and they’re getting exactly that. So Merry Christmas, everyone!

It is no surprise that the left and Democrats don’t support lowering the taxes. These are coming from the same people who supported Bernie the Socialist and Hillary who both wanted to raise taxes so I guess the left prefers higher taxes more. Oh well, fuck them. They’re so one-sided all the time, it’s crazy. They’re against every GOP and Trump policy. That’s how one-sided they really are. There’s nothing the GOP and Trump can do to make them happy ’cause all they do is cry, cry, cry.

My question is, when liberals start noticing that their paychecks at their jobs are starting to get bigger in 2018 and they get bigger tax returns back from their W-2 forms, will they thank Trump for that?

The tax reform and jobs bill is not only good for your paychecks at your jobs you work, it’s also good for entrepreneurs. You own your own business? Well now you may be able to afford to keep your business alive. The bill is also a good opportunity for more job openings in America.

Admittedly, I have been unemployed for a long while ’cause why? It was a bit of a challenge to get a job under Obama and it maybe easier to get a job under Trump. I would absolutely love to get a full time job and start making good money again myself. Here’s hoping and I’m gonna start job hunting again in 2018.

This is what making America great again looks like y’all. Trump has been accomplishing so much in a year and it’s worthy enough for a vote for a re-election in 2020. TPP withdrawal, soaring economy, ISIS is crumbling and now Tax Reform. Next up we need to replace Obamacare and get the Border Wall then we’ll be good. Trump is doing everything we elected him to do.

I don’t regret my Trump vote at all and would gladly vote for him again in 2020. Suck it haters.