Thank you, Senator Rand Paul!!!!

You see guys, when I point all the bad things Obama has said and done on this blog, I don’t make these things up! I carefully research these things and other people know about this stuff. I’ve been saying for a long time in this blog now, that Obama and our government have been murdering people at random with drones. Killing all kinds of foreign people and Americans. That’s what makes Obama a hypocrite when he stands up for violence in America. Get with it, people. Obama is a violent, hateful and evil man himself.

And finally, somebody in the world of politics, called him out on the drones! If there was ever a guy that can bring the government’s attention that Obama needs to be impeached and be charged with treason, it’s Rand Paul that should help make that happen for us! All he have to do next is call Obama and Eric Holder out for “Operation: Fast and Furious”, and then we should be on the way for an impeachment on Obama.

Obama doesn’t stay faithful to the Constitution.

You see guys, I believe in my country. I love the USA. So I totally support the Constitution, 100%. That’s part of why I’m a proud registered Republican, and why I like conservatism. I’m sure all the Obama lovers are like, “Oh no, Rand Paul is attacking Obama like a hateful little racist bigot he is, boo hoo hoo…”. You see, I have nothing against a black man being president, and I’m sure everyone else doesn’t either. We just want a guy who does his job right, and Obama doesn’t do that. Just because he’s black, is not stopping us from being real about him. All the bad stuff Obama has done is out there publicly, and the Obama supporters constantly want to ignore everything and think he’s innocent. He is far from innocent.

Rand Paul, now has my full support, and I hope he decides to run for President in 2016. Rand has got a lot of Ron Paul in him, for sure.


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