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Justice For Warren Weinstein… it’s time to hold Obama accountable for this one…

I think Obama’s drone strikes has gone a bit too far by now, don’t you think? I think it’s finally time to do something about the drone program and do something about Obama himself. No matter what you think of this… it’s treason all the way. Whether it was an accident or not, it’s still criminal. The families of Warren Weinstein probably want justice and the only to get justice for Warren Weinstein is to take Obama down.

This should be good enough for impeachment and even arrest for Obama but you know nothing will happen to him. Now that Loretta Lynch is Obama’s Attorney General and Speaker Boehner is Obama’s lapdog, you know nothing is gonna happen to Obama.

That’s why in 2016, I’m hoping that either Ted Cruz or Rand Paul will get elected for the White House ’cause if one of those guys get elected… they’re gonna do all it takes to get Obama to be held accountable. We need an Attorney General who enforces the law and actually follows it. We need an honest Attorney General and hopefully we get that in 2017 when we get a Republican president in the White House.

If we get Hillary Clinton in 2017, we’re gonna be fucking screwed.

My question is, why did it take three months for Obama to announce this accidental drone attack that killed an American and an Italian? RIP to Warren and to that Italian guy too.

Quit defending Obama on every fucking thing, you bunch of losers. It’s why I don’t allow some of my readers to post here anymore ’cause all they fucking do is defend Obama no matter the situation. I delete all comments defending Obama and I feel great about it too. No more of that shit here. I’m done arguing with uneducated and delusional liberals.


Paul Walker, another one of President Obama’s murder victims?

Is President Obama going after Hollywood stars now? First Brittany Murphy and now he might of gotten Paul Walker. Rumors and conspiracy theorists online have been going mad about Paul’s death saying how his explosion wasn’t an accident. Been watching some videos on youtube about it and some of them actually make sense that he may have been attacked by a drone or a bomb or something of that sort. The reason some people think the government may have killed Paul Walker ’cause he may have gotten too deep into the Typhoon Haiyan and stuff like that. There are other kinds of theories going around too. Paul Walker wasn’t speeding so it couldn’t have been an accident and somebody may have done this.

Obama seems to be going after people who goes public with secrets of the government and getting too deep into stuff (Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, etc.).

Watch the video below as an example of what I’m talking about.



The President’s speech on drones and Gitmo yesterday showed how much of a tyrant and liar of a President he really is…

I was gonna post my response to the President’s speech on the drones & Gitmo prison yesterday but didn’t feel like posting on the blog. I’ll do this now and get this out of the way. Yes, I did watch President Obama’s speech on the drones and Gitmo yesterday afternoon on TV. Watched it on CNN.

Ya know, I completely understand that the President needs to respond to 9/11 /01 and fight terrorism like any president would. It’s understandable that the U.S. needs to target and kill those who are a threat to the U.S. but I still disagree with his obsession on drones. It was too predictable that he was gonna play the innocent victim on the drones. Not only that he killed innocent U.S Citizen’s with the drones, I’m sure he has killed 100’s of innocent civilians over-seas who didn’t deserve to be killed. I still think he’s a lying and evil son of a bitch. That’s all he showed in yesterday’s speech. You can see the hate and the anger in his eyes throughout that speech.

He still refuses to give us answers on Benghazi, even though he mentioned the Benghazi attacks a few times. He still refuses to acknowledge Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans that were killed there. He still continues to give Muslim people more respect than us and even went as far as saying that Muslim people are part of the American family. The President did talk about Anwar Al-Awlaki more than anything else. It’s good that the U.S. took down Anwar and it’s understandable why the U.S. had to kill him; I agree with it but… Obama still acted like the 3 other U.S. Citizens never existed. Eric Holder’s letter on the drones that was released this week. He admitted that the Obama administration used the drones to kill 4 U.S. Citizens overseas and he admitted that 3 out of 4 of those Americans weren’t targets. That includes that 16 year old boy Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki.

If you do your research on Abdulrahman the 16 year old kid. He was innocent. An innocent 16 year old kid that was killed by a drone by mistake. He was a good kid who had nothing to do with terrorism. His family spoke out for him and stood up to him. Abdulrahman who lived a good life and was killed by the President for no reason. While’s it’s good that the President mentioned the kid’s father, he ignored Anwar’s son completely.

Sure enough, there is going to be someone there at the speech who wasn’t gonna let Abdulrahman out of the picture. A woman who happened to be a CODE PINK protester interuppted Obama and protested a number of things. She says that Obama can close Gitmo right now if he wanted to easily and she wanted to let Obama know that he is an evil son of a bitch for using drones for killing innocent people such as Abdulrahman who didn’t deserve it. To those who don’t know what CODE PINK is, it’s a women’s organization who fights for peace and protests many different things in the world, it’s considered a left-wing organization. Medea Benjamin was the woman’s name who was from this group. She is the CODE PINK founder and creator. She maybe left-wing but anybody who has the guts to interrupt the President and tell the truth, gets my respect. So this woman should be looked at as a hero by all Americans.

I absolutely agree that Obama can close Gitmo anytime he wanted. I don’t know why it’s taking him so long for him to do it. He’s the commander-in-chief. It is claimed that Gitmo can’t be closed ’cause Congress blocked it but I’m not buying it. Obama just likes to blame everything on Congress and likes to play the innocent victim like he did yesterday in his speech. How can Obama easily close Gitmo anytime he wanted? Read this little piece and it’ll explain how. It’s all about the NDAA law that everyone doesn’t like.

You see, President Obama is a lying piece of garbage. He has been lying to us ever since the beginning of his Presidency. He has even been lying to us long before that during the first elections.

Obama clearly showed in his speech yesterday that he has evil written all over his face. I posted a similar rant about this in facebook yesterday, and my facebook post about it got several likes, and got one re-share. So I believe I’m doing a good job telling the truth about President Obama. While President Obama is quickly losing a lot of respect and people are just starting to see what kind of man he really is finally, sure enough, he is still gonna have a few people who still sympathizes with him. Obama still has loyal supporters who has his back and those lefties will think he’s doing nothing wrong. If you think he’s doing nothing wrong, then you’re totally misinformed.

You see, when I hate on President Obama… I don’t do it to express my hate on him, it’s not just about that. I’m just trying to get people informed on what kind of man he really is. Trying to get people to wake up and listen. He’s an evil tyrant, and dictator. Him and Adolf Hitler are pretty much the same right now. Of course, there will be a few people who will think I’m insane for comparing Obama to Hitler but it’s true if you think about it. Obama is making all the former presidents from the past look good. America needs to wake up and learn what kind of man Obama is. If you’re the type of person who is going to ignore all the bad stuff he has done and call him innocent, then that makes you an evil person too and you’re a traitor to America. A lot of people are hating on Obama ’cause we know our stuff and we are pretty well-informed about him. We don’t hate on him for no reason. When a president does his job badly, commits some crimes, disrespects the Constitution… we’re not gonna sit bad and ignore all that stuff. We’re gonna give some honest critiques about his job since it’s all out there publicly. We have the right to say whether a President does his job badly or not.

Obama needs to be impeached. He needs to be questioned. He needs to be questioned by law enforcement — FBI even — and he needs to be held accountable for his evil actions. ¬†When people say this stuff about him on the internet, we don’t do this just to hate. We mean well and just keeping things real. I’m sorry guys but I don’t see how people can still side with this man. Our government maybe bad now but it’s just gonna continue to get worse. This is only getting started. It’s just gonna keep getting more interesting for you guys. When will those libs/lefties realize that Obama is a tyrant? To me it’s insane on how they want to stay on his side.

I never liked Obama from the very beginning. I always saw that he was gonna be something bad and I was right. He’s not our President and he really needs to go. The reason he is still standing ’cause he’s an expert of a liar and he can get away with just about anything, plus, the color of his skin helps make him look good. I’m not stopping my Obama protests. I’m gonna keep going until the American people can see what kind of man he really is, and I’ll be the one to tell everyone, “I told ya so”.


Edit to add: Post corrected for a few spelling mistakes and errors.

Surprise! Surprise! The Obama Administration finally admits to killing 16 year old Abdulrahman… and three other American citizens…

You see it’s understandable that the Obama administration sends out drones overseas to kill people who are a threat to the U.S.; however, that 16 year old boy Abdulrahman didn’t deserve it. He was a good kid who was living a good life. Abdulrahman didn’t have anything to do with terrorism at all. Do your research. The facts are out there. Over the years there have been speculation and rumors that the Obama administration may have killed Abdulrahman and his father with drones. It’s understandable that the father had to be killed since he associated with terrorists but it’s the kid who had nothing to do with terrorism.

The Obama Administration are evil sons of bitches. If this is not good enough for the supporters to turn their back on Obama yet, then I don’t know what to say. The drones is worthy of an impeachment and an investigation, guys. We don’t make this stuff up. We’re not going to ignore the President’s evil actions. The White House needs to be investigated. They need to get raided and searched. Everything. Who knows how many criminal acts they’re hiding in the White House? I’m sure the White House is hiding all kinds of confidential information about Benghazi and the IRS.

Take ’em all down. Impeach ’em all and throw ’em all in prison. The President, Vice President, everyone from the Cabinet, etc.

What’s even funnier is that London is going through some terrorism right now, a Muslim guy murdering somebody with knives. Terrible! I’m not blaming that on Obama but still wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is linked to that somehow because of the Muslim thing. If you think Islam is a peaceful religion, you’re really delusional and need to wake up.

I’m looking forward to Obama’s speech about the drones this week. He’s probably gonna play the innocent victim like he usually does.


Thank you, Senator Rand Paul!!!!

You see guys, when I point all the bad things Obama has said and done on this blog, I don’t make these things up! I carefully research these things and other people know about this stuff. I’ve been saying for a long time in this blog now, that Obama and our government have been murdering people at random with drones. Killing all kinds of foreign people and Americans. That’s what makes Obama a hypocrite when he stands up for violence in America. Get with it, people. Obama is a violent, hateful and evil man himself.

And finally, somebody in the world of politics, called him out on the drones! If there was ever a guy that can bring the government’s attention that Obama needs to be impeached and be charged with treason, it’s Rand Paul that should help make that happen for us! All he have to do next is call Obama and Eric Holder out for “Operation: Fast and Furious”, and then we should be on the way for an impeachment on Obama.

Obama doesn’t stay faithful to the Constitution.

You see guys, I believe in my country. I love the USA. So I totally support the Constitution, 100%. That’s part of why I’m a proud registered Republican, and why I like conservatism. I’m sure all the Obama lovers are like, “Oh no, Rand Paul is attacking Obama like a hateful little racist bigot he is, boo hoo hoo…”. You see, I have nothing against a black man being president, and I’m sure everyone else doesn’t either. We just want a guy who does his job right, and Obama doesn’t do that. Just because he’s black, is not stopping us from being real about him. All the bad stuff Obama has done is out there publicly, and the Obama supporters constantly want to ignore everything and think he’s innocent. He is far from innocent.

Rand Paul, now has my full support, and I hope he decides to run for President in 2016. Rand has got a lot of Ron Paul in him, for sure.