More on CPAC…

So this afternoon, I was pretty bored so I decided to catch some of the speeches for CPAC live-stream on the internet.

I caught Dinesh D’ Souza’s speech, the guy who made “2016: Obama’s America” movie and he has a new movie coming out called “America”. Dinesh was saying stuff about how Obama wants to transform America in a negative way. Like how Obama wants to ruin America and all. Dinesh was also promoting his new movie, “America”. He also explained how Obama was upset at his movie, “2016: Obama’s America”, and Dinesh said, “If Obama’s upset at that movie, wait until he sees my new one.” Of course, the audience gave him a roar of applause for that one. I thought Dinesh gave a good speech. It was short but he did a good job.

I also caught a live performance of an acoustic musician who was singing conservative political songs.

There were also a couple of women who worked from Congress who gave interested conservative speeches. Can’t remember their names but their speeches were good.

I also caught some of Rick Santorum’s speech. Even though Rick Santorum isn’t everyone’s favorite, he still gave a great speech. He was talking about how he doesn’t just want his party to be winning, he wants all Americans to unite and win together. While he thinks that bashing President Obama is good and too easy, he just wants America to be a country again. I supported Rick throughout the 2012 Elections and still support him now after his speech today.

I also caught Rand Paul’s speech, and I think he gave the best CPAC speech so far. When you look at that guy you can already see that he has President written all over him. He delivered an incredible speech. Rand Paul is a professional speaker. He spoke from the heart. He wasn’t reading off of anything either. No teleprompter or any of that stuff. He had his eyes set on the crowd instead of looking down like he was reading off of something. Rand Paul was talking NSA, government spying, the 4th Amendment, imprisoning US citizens without trial, the President shredding the constitution, etc. Rand got the loudest cheers from the crowd than any other politician who spoke there.

I watch some of their speeches today and think to myself: “Wow, even they know that conservatives are in trouble”. It’s true. Most of the conservative politicians who spoke today knows that liberal media is getting horrible. Even some of them said it shouldn’t be a left/right thing, we all should unite and get our country back. They even want liberals to wake up and be on our side.

America’s in deep trouble. Everybody knows that all this administration wants to do is destroy this country. All this stuff that Obama is doing is no accident. All of this stuff is intentional and he knows exactly what he wants. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Obama wants to kill us all. Someday we’ll be a nation where we no longer have homes and no jobs at all.

Rand Paul said that we should be afraid of a government who imprisons US Citizens without trial. Even if this criminal/terrorist maybe a bad person, they need a trial ’cause what if this person is innocent and they didn’t do it? What would make this country look like if we gave a criminal the death penalty and he turned out completely innocent after his death? What if it turned out that Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 after all? Bin Laden could be a perfect example of this ’cause it’s been said that this administration just killed Bin Laden without trial with no actual proof whether or not he was responsible for 9/11.

I’m gonna try to catch Sarah Palin’s speech tomorrow and you know that she’s going to do nothing but rail against Obama. That should be entertaining.

I’m proud to be a die-hard conservative.


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