Conservatism and Obama…

There were a few certain blog commenters on here who made claims that conservatives/right-wingers are not harsh and offensive when it comes to hate against President Obama. After watching many of the speeches at CPAC over the weekend, that’s not what I see there. Many of the celebrities, well-known politicians who spoke at CPAC… all they did was bash the hell out of Obama. All the right-wingers who spoke at CPAC hate President Obama just as much as I do. Their speeches were pretty hateful and aggressive too. If you watch some of their speeches especially guys like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, etc. They all ripped Obama to pieces. They were all pretty tough on him. All the stuff they said about Obama were pretty much the same stuff I’ve been saying about him on this blog. The proven fact is that all right-wingers despise this man, President Obama. All of us are with each other that Barack Obama is nothing but a dictator, socialist, liar, etc. Whatever you wanna call him these days.

If you call yourself a conservative and if you’re offended at the Obama hate and you think it’s wrong. You’re no conservative. You’re a weak one at best. If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama that if you think he has done nothing impeachable or committed no horrible crimes… then you don’t deserve to crown yourself conservative or even libertarian. I just find it hilarious some people make claims that they are a conservative and they continue to act like Obama does nothing wrong no matter the situation.

All conservatives are on the same page about Obama. Other right-wingers have no problem with my hate against him ’cause they agree with pretty much everything I say.

To those who claim that conservatives aren’t hateful and aggressive over Obama is a fucking lie… and you know it. I think you guys are just saying that stuff just to try and shut me up about Obama, well, it’s not working. I’m never gonna shut up about him until this man is held accountable for all the things he have done. If you don’t like my Obama hate, it isn’t that difficult to ignore or to quit reading my blog altogether. Leave if you don’t like it. You guys know nothing about conservatism even if you think you do.

That’s the problem with the whole left and right thing. Even the conservatives who spoke at CPAC are bothered with the left-right division of politics. They want us all to get together and unite!!! Doesn’t matter who’s left and right. Reagan started the conservative movement for a pretty good reason and we all respect the hell out of him.

We are in need of a right-wing Senate and we are in need of a right-wing President in the White House. The people who spoke at CPAC knows that conservatives are in trouble and the left is winning. That’s part of what these CPAC events are for is to help promote conservatism and get it out there more. Liberals are horrible people… they really are a piece of work. Even the people who spoke at CPAC knows that liberal media is getting pretty bad.

I enjoyed listening through the CPAC speeches over the weekend. I saw some of Sarah Palin’s speech last night and she killed it like she usually does. I’ll watch the rest of her speech in youtube today. There are still a few other speeches that I wanna listen to in youtube as well.


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