Get the hint, y’all, most Americans are not on either side anymore…

I’m not the only one who turned my back on Republicans & GOP. Most 90% of Americans have turned our backs on the GOP establishment. Most of us are staying neutral on both Democrats & Republicans. So obviously most of us are not on either side anymore. Think about why Donald Trump is so popular?

Why does the GOP suck these days? Well for one, they didn’t do anything to make Obama get held accountable for his actions when they promised. It was all talk and no action. They got themselves elected for a bigger career opportunity for themselves, they don’t care about the American people at all, obviously. Instead of doing something about Obama, the GOP politicians help him instead. That’s a huge part of why a lot of us are getting fed up with them.

Democrats are just as bad. Make no mistake about it. Both sides are pretty horrible right now. That’s probably why I finally decided, “What the hell, I’m no longer gonna call myself a Republican or a conservative.”

Many of you know that I’m a very anti-liberal person as well ’cause people with “far-left” political views just suck… they really do. They believe that politics is pretty “black & white” when it isn’t. I really wish they would get themselves better informed. Start looking at the “truth” instead of siding with their party all the time. That’s what is pissing me off about this country.

It is possible to get yourself better informed and get yourself out of the “liberal” party. It is possible and people have done it. That’s what happened with Ronald Reagan… he started off as a pretty liberal guy but then started a new conservative movement. It is possible to change your opinions and views.

You don’t need to think “liberal” at all. Do some deep research outside of the mainstream media  and learn to think outside of the box.

To me, it was never “right vs. left” at all ’cause I was always about the truth. This “right vs. left” crap doesn’t work and it’s gotta stop.



One thought on “Get the hint, y’all, most Americans are not on either side anymore…”

  1. I refuse to declare myself affiliated with any party as when you do then too many assumptions are made. I’d rather conversation and actions reveal my leanings. Being an engineer at times it is difficult to know what my personal feelings are as I like to explore all angles and sides and this and that. Playing devils advocate for the sake of discussion has also caused people to mis-read my actual personal views.

    So…. yes most people don’t like to affiliate themselves with a party but most may be willing to say “I’ve got Republican leanings on many topics yet…..”

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