Seriously now…

Anybody who believes that conservatives aren’t aggressive and harsh over Obama are delusional. I know for a fact that most ALL of us know he is a dictator and murdering piece of garbage. There aren’t too many right wingers who believes that he isn’t a killer. If you don’t think Obama is a murderer, dictator, war criminal, etc. then you’re not a conservative. Stop making claims that you are. I have a few conservatives in my friends list and they even come to an agreement on how Obama is.

Only liberals would think conservatives aren’t hateful over him. You know that’s a fucking lie. Knock it off. Seriously take a look at conservative forums on the web. We fucking despise Obama. We all want him gone and arrested. We are all ashamed that America elected a madman.

I have been associating myself with other conservatives on the web and in the real world so I know I’m not alone on this stuff at all. Stop pretending that you’re conservative ’cause you’re not. If you don’t believe he wasn’t behind all the scandals and the murders, then you’re not conservative. You’re just a wannabe.

Stop the lies and the hypocrisy. I know a LOT about conservatism than you think and you certainly aren’t one of them if you continue to think Obama is innocent, you don’t deserve to crown yourself a right-winger. Get the hell out of here.


3 thoughts on “Seriously now…”

    1. If you claim you are so conservative, what is your stance on gay marriage, abortion, immigration, gun control, etc.??? Be honest now…


  1. As a show of faith, I will answer one question for you:

    I am a die hard supporter of not just the 2nd Amendment, but of the ENTIRE Constitution. I am a lifetime member of the NRA, and have been a member since I was 9 years old. I belong to the III% Patriots and the SOLR. And I worked on Linda Lingle’s campaign in the last election (google her).

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