On top of that…

… I’ll be hateful and aggressive over Obama all I want to. I don’t care if others find what I do is offensive.

I also don’t obsess with “What if’s” or “maybe’s”. If you’ve noticed over the years, I’ve always believed that Obama “IS” a cold blooded murderer and criminal. I don’t need evidence or proof to see that he is. This stuff should be pretty easy to pick up and figure out.

You guys can tell me “your truth” and try to show me ridiculous links and all that stuff… my feelings will never change on Obama. You guys prove nothing even if you think you do. You don’t know this guy, Obama. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re right with “your truth”, you don’t know him either way. None of us know him. Sure, there maybe not enough evidence to prove his crimes but there are not enough evidence to prove his innocence either so all you guys do is wasting your time. I’ll repeat these two words again, “Least Transparent”. “LEAST TRANSPARENT”. He doesn’t want us to know anything. I still wouldn’t exactly call Obama’s birth certificates that he released “evidence” that he was born in the US ’cause I still don’t buy it. You guys don’t understand that he paid millions to keep his information hidden. You don’t know how good Obama is at controlling and lying. The man is an expert manipulator. What he wants is what he gets.

You guys can believe he was born in the US, he wasn’t behind Benghazi and other crimes all you want to but the point I’m trying to make after all these years is that those two words again, “LEAST TRANSPARENT”… how can you believe this man is innocent when he is, “LEAST TRANSPARENT”??? He is “LEAST TRANSPARENT” ’cause he is a very private man and his way of making himself look harmless.

A “Least Transparent” person is dangerous. Something not right there. Again, George W. Bush may have not been a great president but at least he was MORE Transparent than fucking Obama.

This country elected a man we don’t know much about. Somebody who has a lot of mystery in his life. Other presidents have been transparent but Barack is a different story.

He continues to be “Least Transparent” to this day. He lies every time he opens his mouth. I just don’t understand how people believe Obama is an innocent man when he’s not a transparent guy.

Ya know? Think about this for a few minutes. If someone refuses to be “transparent”, I would not trust anything this person says or does, know what I mean? People like that have the potential to be dangerous and violent. Don’t come on here acting like being “least transparent” is okay ’cause it’s not. It’s important that all Presidents need to be transparent so we can know who he is and if we are able to trust him.

This is why people are scared of Obama being in office. America just elected a guy who can’t be trusted and if he refuses to be “transparent” then I would not call him innocent on anything he does.

People just don’t realize what they’re doing when they continue to think Obama does nothing wrong or continue to support him. It’s insane all of it. Obama continues to get worse and now we fucking got Iran warships closing in on the US as a message and they’re threatening now, how do you fucking like that? Remember, you elected him America.


6 thoughts on “On top of that…”

  1. I notice you guys never respond to my Obama “Least Transparent” posts ’cause you don’t wanna admit that I’m absolutely right on the transparency thing. You guys are pathetic. Seriously.


    1. I know for a fact that’s not true. It seems to me they lurk all day. Hit refresh 24/7 on their home computers or mobile phones. They sit there and wait for me to post something and the only time these guys reply is when I post something they disagree with. They keep an eye on my site all the time. They’re addicted to it. I’d appreciate if they would join in on fun topics like the movies and stuff but all they want to be here for is to fight and argue with me. One of the reasons I can’t stand the internet ’cause people are messed up on here for sure.

      If they had a different opinion on the transparency thing, they would say it but they don’t respond to any of that stuff after all the political debates on here. They don’t wanna admit that they don’t know President Obama like they think they do.


      1. It was done intentionally to make a point. So that you can understand and get it through your thick head of what Obama is all about. The whole point of this post is that you don’t know Obama like you think you do.


      2. And before someone accuses me of knowing Obama more than anyone else, not true either. I don’t know Obama. I know nothing about the guy and neither does everyone else. How can we know who he is when he refuses to be transparent about himself? That to me is dangerous and you can’t trust someone like that.


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