Why I respect the hell out of Metallica…

Last night, I watched the new Metallica movie, “Through The Never” on BluRay that I picked up for myself earlier this week. It was a very cool film!!! It’s not just a typical live concert movie like all the others out there. Metallica “Through The Never” is something different. It’s not just a live concert, it’s also a fictional movie that tells a story… about a kid named Trip who is a Metallica roadie sent out to do a mission for the band while Metallica plays their big concert. Trip’s story turns into an action/adventure story in the city they were in. The movie had cool special effects and good cinematography. I was most impressed with the live concert in the film, though. The setlist for the gig was good. During the live performances, the movie makes it seem like you’re on stage with the band instead of watching it from the audience. I thought it was a very cool film and definitely something unique.

I respect Metallica so much for a lot of reasons. They get a lot of haters and negative criticism and I just never understood it. Metallica has always been an amazing band to me. I stuck with them even through the “St. Anger”, “Load/Re-load” stuff. Even though those three albums had negative criticism, I still thought they were great albums. I admired Metallica for trying something different musically ’cause they’ve grown tired of the speed-metal thing. They wanted to change and evolve. That’s what bands do, ya know? A lot of bands don’t wanna stay in the same sound. Most of them wanna go different directions. When Metallica released their, “Death Magnetic” album… they tried to bring back the speed-metal genre in that album to keep the fans happy but sure enough, fans will always find something to criticize Metallica about. Fans criticized the sound quality on “Death Magnetic” that people couldn’t hear Rob Trujillo’s bass. They also criticized the songwriting some.

I respect the hell out of Metallica ’cause not only they are great musicians and the best live performers… I respect them ’cause they are not afraid of anything and not afraid to take risks. They’ve got balls for sure. I respect them ’cause they stayed together for this long even though the members went through some heated feuds and they even got clean with alcohol/drugs, they don’t do that stuff anymore.

Love ’em or hate ’em, their legacy is something special. They are the kings of metal. Without Metallica then all of these metal bands that you like would never be around. Metallica helps keep metal alive. They are still great live performers too and they still kill it on stage. I know this ’cause I have had the pleasure of seeing Metallica live for the first time myself during the “Death Magnetic” tour when they played Albany. It was a great gig. I’ll never forget it.

Fans want Metallica to release a new album this year. Metallica has plans to release a new album this year, I think. Metallica are slow at releasing albums ’cause they spend most of their time touring heavily. That’s another reason why I respect them. The band tours heavily on a year-round basis non-stop. More reasons why I respect Metallica is that they are good guys… they love their fans and good with them.

When Metallica releases their next album, you know it’s always going to get mixed reviews. Metallica can’t please everyone these days. People will always find something to hate them about. Doesn’t matter what they do, nope, can’t make people happy. That’s another reason why I respect Metallica. They simply don’t give a fuck. They’ll do the things they wanna do and not care what the public thinks. The “Lulu” thing with Lou Reed is proof of that.

Metallica have accomplished everything. I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. They’re just like every other band, ya know? They too just wanna play, get their stuff out there, get heard just like all bands. Metallica respects other talent. They don’t think they are better than others at all. That’s why they agreed to play festivals with other bands especially their own festival, Orion Fest., so they can show their support to other music artists.

I don’t understand all the Metallica hate. They deserve to be respected for all the reasons I explained above. Long live the mighty Metallica!!! I’ll always love and respect them. \m/


9 thoughts on “Why I respect the hell out of Metallica…”

  1. I agree with most of that, at hey are still my favorite band. Lulu was a mistake, bud at least they tried. Incidentally, they are thrash, not speed metal.

    1. Despite the negative criticism of “Lulu”, I thought that was a great album too. They did that album ’cause they wanted to take a break from songwriting and see if they can do work for someone else. I don’t have to have the same opinions as other Metallica fans.


      1. I know why they did it and kudos to them for trying something different, but I thought it was awful.

      2. That’s just Lou Reed’s songwriting style. He have always done spoken word poetry like music. Lou always had this attitude that he was gonna make music that he likes, he didn’t care how everybody else felt about it.


  2. I couldn’t get into LuLu either. I do like the fact that they do what they want to do and they aren’t afraid to take chances.

    I also like the Load/Reload stuff. St. Anger not so much.AJFA is till prob my favorite album overall.

    And I think they deserve a HUGE amount of respect for their anti-piracy stance. That shows that theyy really are “all about the music” and willing to do whatever it takes to protect the integrity and stand up for artists rights against all those out there stealing music, and disrespecting the time and hard work that the creators put into to what they do. They deserve to get paid for their work like anybody else.

    And I’d like to see more “Revisited” albums. Metallica has great taste in music, and they really do justice to the songs they cover.

    1. Actually Metallica recently had a change of heart with the Napster thing since they buried the hatchet with Sean Parker. They admitted they made a mistake and it’s all cool now. Just a misunderstanding.

      As for my favorite Metallica albums… mine has always been “Master of Puppets”, and “Ride the Lightning”.


      1. They may be over it now, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t leave a permanent stain on their legacy. Lars did an AMA recently and honestly, he danced around the topic.

      2. It’s funny that people still haven’t gotten over their Napster controversy when it happened years ago and people still hate the band for it. It’s their music. They have their right if they want to protect it or not.


      3. I agree, but to fans it was a bit hypocritical and against the ethos they thought Metallica had.

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