When the left criticizes right-wing presidents of killing people…

Whenever the right calls out President Obama on the murder of innocent Americans, the left will start criticizing right-wing presidents of killing people too. For example, the left will say bullshit like: “Bush did this, bush did that”, “Reagan did this, Reagan did that”, etc. Bush and Reagan is usually brought up by the left quite a lot. For Bush, the left will keep blaming him for “9/11/01” and they would also blame him for the 13 embassies/consulates attacks under his watch. For Reagan, the left will criticize him of the Beirut bombings and the Contra affair.

If that’s how the liberals wanna play games so be it. It’s just that it shows that the left are really jealous of the right and they can’t stand to hear the truth that Barack Obama is a murderous madman. They don’t like hearing it. So all they can think of is to bring up the right-wing presidents crimes.

Yes, past presidents have all had their share of killing people but you can’t compare past presidents to Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a different kind of animal. A different kind of monster. Historically, past presidents who had their share of killing people were mostly done by mistakes or it was time during war. Democrats/liberals worships democrat presidents such as JFK, FDR and Bill Clinton well all three of those men had their share of causing horrible deaths. Look ’em up, it’s all out there.

If they think JFK is so great and so heroic, how come nobody criticized him of the Bay of Pigs or the Vietnam War that was unnecessary? The left thinks Bill Clinton was so great? What about the Waco Massacre under his watch? What about Bill Clinton’s war crimes such as the Kosovo War? What about the NATO bombing in Yugoslovia? What about Operation: Desert Storm??? Bill Clinton did tons of bad things other than the Monica Lewisnky scandal that we all know about.

The left is so misinformed — it’s crazy as fuck.

Barack Obama is the worst of the worst. His goal is to single handedly destroy America. I have been saying for a long time now that Obama is up to the point that he is considered the next Adolf Hitler and it’s true. Other presidents have had their share of committing some horrible crimes that includes George W. Bush and his father… but Barack is evil. He has so much hatred and evil in him, a lot of people aren’t seeing it yet. Obama hates America, he hates white people for the most part.

If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama and think he’s harmless, then you’re a damn ignorant fool. Everybody knows he’s a very dangerous man… they just don’t want to admit it yet. There’s no reason to lie so you can make yourself look good in your political party.

When the truth comes out of Benghazi, that should be good enough to prove to Americans on both sides what kind of man he really is. Just wait for it. It’ll come.



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