Video: Once again, it’s definitely possible to change your political views…

ET Williams aka The Doctor of Common Sense admits he used to be a stupid liberal but woke up. On the Doctor’s youtube channel, he doesn’t even call himself a conservative either.

I too used to have liberal political views in the past. I used to think liberal around the George W. era but I think it was Barack Obama who made me want to become a conservative so I did.

I too agree with the Doctor here that liberals will never take responsibility for messing up the country. Liberals wants things their way. If people have different views than them, liberals become so hateful. They’ll do anything to silence people if you disagree with them. I agree that liberalism is a disease and I’ve been saying that for a long time now. I hate liberalism. I hate everything that it stands for. Liberals get stupider and stupider everyday.

Like I said, I used to have liberal views but then I did my homework, got myself informed and now I’m a hardcore conservative.

It’s definitely possible to change your views on things. Most of my family members and friends are die-hard liberals and it disgusts me pretty much. I’m pretty much one of the few conservatives around here. A lot of people attack me for my political views but that’s okay. I just want to be different than everyone else. I don’t have to be like everyone else. I just want to be real and be me. I don’t have to have the same opinions and viewpoints as everyone else.

Get out of your delusional liberal fantasies. I don’t like their human rights activism that they’re obsessed with… that stuff scares me for sure: all of this LGBT stuff, the Black Lives Matter crap, equal pay for women, all the free handouts, etc. I don’t really like any of it.

Also, liberals are horrible at debating politics for sure. Liberalism is a disease and I ain’t afraid to say it.



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