Can you play rock & metal on acoustic guitar? Yes, you can, absolutely!

A lot of people make the mistake that you can’t play rock n’ roll and metal on the acoustic guitar. You can. As a matter of fact, most of my original acoustic songs were metal inspired as you can probably tell. Actually most of my songs are kind of metal a little bit ’cause that’s how I originally heard those songs in my head especially songs like Mr. Tough Guy, Suicide Or Murder, Time Bomb, Backstabbers, etc.

When I write a new batch of songs, I plan to make a lot more music like that. Songs with aggressive guitar playing and making some rockin’ riffs.

Why is my acoustic playing always pretty tight? It’s how I always played. I can’t help myself. It’s just the way I play. I just play whatever comes out and let the fingers do the talking. That’s what I get from listening to too much rock & metal over the years of my life. I don’t play the acoustic like a country or folk guitarist. I try to play that way but each time I pick up the acoustic guitar, I always want to rock on it. I’m not the type of acoustic guitar player that will be looked at as a folk singer if you know what I mean. I want to be a rock n’ roller. I wrote dark lyrics to my songs ’cause they were metal inspired… most of ’em.

I may listen to all kinds of music but rock, metal and prog would always be my main genres. Although I’m trying to get into jazz and blues more too and I have.

I’m a big fan of ballads and slow songs yes but mostly I just wanna rock most of the time. That’s how I am. I just don’t really want to sit there and write sad songs and love songs. Not me. I still do love writing ballads but mostly I want to rock out.

You can play rock & metal riffs on the acoustic guitar just like you can with the electric. On the acoustic, you may never be able to get distortion through it but you can still rock on the acoustic for sure. Like I said before most people look at the acoustic guitar as a country and folk instrument. I look at it as a rock instrument. The reason I play a lot of rock on the acoustic is ’cause I don’t have a band really. That’s why I write rock songs on acoustic first.

I am having plans in forming a band of my own someday ’cause I want to rock with an electric guitar.



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