The Washington Post really sucks, how could you read this garbage??? They’re making lies about Trump now…

The Washington Post is declaring that nobody likes Trump and not even white men. It’s just another lie and you know it too. If you actually believe the Post then you really are dumb and naive. If it was true that nobody likes Trump then he wouldn’t have gotten 739 delegates in the primaries/caucus’s. His polls wouldn’t be in the lead. The Washington Post is trying to brainwash you into thinking he isn’t popular. I love how the article says that not even white men like Trump. Really? There are plenty of white men who LOVE Trump and that includes me. I’m a white guy. Also, using “white men” in the headline is kind of racist.

This is the biggest joke of an article I’ve ever read.

Media’s making terrible lies that Trump’s polls are tanking which is not true. Trump’s polls are STILL doing fine ’cause Donald Trump himself keeps re-sharing the real poll results just to prove that the media is lying about him.

Can’t you guys see how dishonest the media is? You should have seen that by now.

The way the media is treating Trump is horrible and they’re getting a lot worse on him for sure. Mr. Trump doesn’t care though. He just keeps going. He’s staying above the media’s negativity and keeps right on going. The man has balls for sure. He’s not letting the media or the GOP bring him down. He’s giving them all the middle finger.


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