When people claim they are in the “center” of politics, it probably means they are “liberal” and being secretive about it…

Don’t trust people when they claim they are in the center of “politics”. Meaning that some people claim to have some liberal views and some conservative views. Also meaning that they are “independent”. They can’t really make up their minds on what party they belong to so they declare themselves as “center”. You see some “center” people these days and there are more and more people claiming to be “center”.

When this happens, I look at it as these “center” people being secret liberals and they are afraid to admit that they are liberals. I mean, think about it, right? When they claim to have some “conservative” views, I think it’s just a cover that they are liberal and trying to hide it the best they can.

There’s a lot of people who claim they are “center” but still though, most of their political views are pretty left-wing. A lot of them still believe in gay marriage, gun control, abortion and many of them thinks the Republican party are evil but thinks Democrats are good guys. They also believe there is nothing wrong with Barack or Hillary.

I never considered myself “center” or “Left-wing” at all. I’m not ashamed to be “far-right” at all as I’m quite proud of it. A lot of people stay quiet on their “conservative” views ’cause they’re afraid of a liberal backlash. I’m not as you can see. I’m not afraid to be open and honest about my conservative views. I feel no regrets being a die-hard conservative at all. Yeah, there are plenty of people who hate me for it and there are some who love me for it.

Most everyone I know in my life… family members and friends are mostly either die-hard liberals or somewhere in the “center”. I’m probably one of the very few die-hard conservatives around here in my hometown of Greenwich.

So when people claim that they are somewhere in the “center” of political views… don’t always believe them. There are some out there that are afraid to admit to being a full-on liberal. Why? Is it because they’re afraid of being insulted by other conservatives? That’s probably a part of it. They’re afraid of a “right-wing” backlash is probably what it is.

There are also too many liberals pretending to be “conservatives” as well, no doubt about that.

Most people don’t like me for my die-hard “right-wing” views but I’m proud of what I am and won’t apologize for it either. People give me shit for hating on Barack Obama all the time and people give me shit for supporting Donald Trump but I don’t care.

I am who I am and won’t change for anybody. I’m proud to be a “right-winger”.


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