People don’t believe in staying single nowadays which to me is sad… you don’t need to be in a relationship, just enjoy life… that’s all you pretty much need…

A lot of people nowadays don’t believe in being single at all. Once a man and a woman ended a relationship with someone, they end up getting themselves a new significant other pretty quick. A lot of people don’t like living alone nowadays and I can’t understand why. When someone is single, they get unfairly judged by people for it and get made fun of/criticized by people for never getting a new significant other to settle in with.

Admittedly, I’ve been single for most of my life and I feel no regrets about that at all. This guy is right that there is nothing wrong with being single. From the looks of things, the dating scene seems very frightening to me and a bit overwhelming for sure. In the dating scene, you’re going to risk going through some bad women for sure. Why would I want to risk getting cheated on? Why would I want to risk getting destroyed, get used and get my heart broken ’cause that stuff is gonna happen a lot if I ever start dating again.

Living the single life is actually great, y’all. Try it. There’s nothing wrong with living the single life and there’s nothing wrong with people being a virgin either. Unfortunately, society has made being single or being a virgin a crime. Why are people so obsessed with relationships and being desperate to get into one? I just don’t get it! I certainly blame that on TV and movies… the entertainment world is certainly to blame. Also, all the dating gurus that teach people relationships & dating are to blame as well.

Being single is awesome. You can live a much happier life being single, trust me. All I want to do is play my guitar and workout in the gym; that’s all I pretty much care about right now.

Live life how you want to. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to get myself a nice girlfriend down the road, I’m just not all that desperate for it. I don’t mind living the single life at all but I’ll get myself a nice girlfriend when the right one comes around.

A lot of people thinks relationships makes you happy but think about it, y’all… relationships don’t make you happy. Many don’t want to admit that truth? Like, you’re always fighting and arguing with your significant other, it costs money to keep them happy, it’s a lot of work to keep the relationship… when things go wrong, the relationship can end suddenly. You can deal with a lot of heartbreaks. Divorces and couple breakups are happening more often. Cheating is also becoming a common problem in the dating game. It’s becoming very rare lately where a couple stay together for many years. The dating scene is becoming a bit disastrous.

Being alone can actually be a great thing. I’ll get myself a girlfriend at some point only when I decide the time is right. I’m in no rush for a relationship like a lot of people are nowadays. I’m happy right now and life is good.



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