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The kind of women that I’m attracted to mostly…


This meme is so damn true and I agree with it all.

When it comes to being attracted to women, to me it isn’t always about the tits and ass. They are always pretty nice yes but tits and ass isn’t that important, in my opinion. I’m more attracted to the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she thinks. If she has all three of those, I’ll probably be interested in talking with her.

I also look at her personality as well.

When it comes to women, I like women who are into intelligent and honest conversations. If she has that then that’s what sexy, in my eyes. If she’s the type of woman who will respond to my questions with like one or two words only, I probably won’t be interested in her. I want women who know how to talk and knows how to communicate well. When I’m talking to her online, I don’t want a one or two word response from her… I like long paragraphs. A real conversation is what I look for.

Women are more than just tits and ass, remember that.


What to do when you get strange women trying to hook up with you when you’re not interested…

I’m sure a lot of single guys has dealt with this. Dealing with strange & whack job women desperately trying to hook up with you when you’re not interested. I’ve recently went through that, at least a couple of times. I’ve dealt with that once in a while.

While I’m flattered that women may have a gigantic crush on me that still doesn’t mean I’ll be interested in them in return, though. Like I said, they’ll have to catch my interest too. Those few different women that seems to have a thing for me were either average or ugly looking women at best. They didn’t have anything in common with me and all that stuff.

When women become obsessed with ya like that, best thing to do is ya gotta be a man and tell them that you’re not interested. If they still won’t leave you alone then don’t be afraid to shut them out of your life completely.

I don’t mean to be an ass but I’m not gonna date every woman who appears interested in me.

I’ll confess it that I kind of don’t want to date average looking women or women below that. I’m not afraid to say that I pretty much wanna date the pretty looking, the beautiful and gorgeous women… the ones that I’m attracted to. I also want to date women who has the same interests and hobbies as I do… women that has stuff in common with me.

When you get crazy women after you that you’re not interested in, don’t be afraid to ignore them and shut them out of your life immediately. I know you don’t want to be “mean” to women but that’s part of being the “alpha male”… it’s part of being a “man”.

When rejecting women you’re not interested in, you don’t wanna be too nice about it. Sometimes you gotta be an ass just to get them to leave you alone. When you do that, you’re being the bigger man.

They say that the women are the ones doing all the rejections and “friend zoning” but make no mistake about it. Guys reject women and “friend zone” them too. It goes both ways.


Being popular with the ladies…

It took me years to figure it out and realize it but I’m beginning to think that maybe a lot of women do like me out there after all. It’s pretty obvious I would say. If they didn’t like you then they wouldn’t give all their effort to try and contact you… they wouldn’t be approaching you first and that kind of stuff. I think you get the deal.

So how do you become popular with the women? Don’t mean to sound like an ass but I’m gonna say the cold hard truth that looks is a big part of it. If they think you’re good looking then they’ll come to ya. Attraction is a huge part of this indeed. No doubt about it.

Also, being yourself and being a nice guy is a huge part of getting women to like you. Be a nice person and you’ll grab their attention. Being nice to people really helps.

A good sense of humor is a must ’cause you know how women like to laugh a lot. My sense of humor is okay but I could improve that as well. I try to be funny as best as possible but I would like to try to learn how to make people laugh better. I think I need to get better at that.

With that being said, though, maybe I already am successful with women? I should have no problem in the dating scene. You just gotta learn not to listen to negative people and critics doubting you. Critics saying you can’t do it. Believe me, I had many critics telling me I don’t have what it takes to get the ladies and soon I’m gonna prove ’em all wrong. You can’t listen to negative people and be positive with yourself.


Sometimes you don’t even need to go around chasing women at all, they’ll come to you if they’re interested…

They say that women don’t go around chasing men but you know that’s a lie. Of course, they do! When women are interested in you, they’ll come to you and let you know on their own. When they approach you first, start talking to ya and ask you if you’re single and if you have a girlfriend, they’re giving you a massive IOI (Indicator of Interest). I’ve had women online and offline come to me first lots of times. It’s kind of crazy. Not sure why that is. So just because they maybe interested in me doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be interested in them in return. They’ll have to pique my interest too. I’ve turned many down. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m not attracted to them or they have nothing in common with me. That kind of thing. It wasn’t because I’m shy of them, maybe it’s because they’re not my type, ya know?

Yeah, there’s no doubt that women go after guys too if they have the hots for them and stuff. Like the title says, sometimes there’s no need to go around chasing women. Let them come to you and there are ways to do it. Just be yourself and continue to live life positively and happily. Become the confident alpha male that they all want and they’ll flock to you.

It’s interesting how this is though. I’ve had women approached me first and I’ve got hit on by some of them as well. The point of this post is just don’t believe the lies and myths out there that women don’t go around chasing men ’cause you know they do. I think you know that as well.


Talking to women at the mall…

Yesterday at the mall, I chatted with a nice redhead woman who worked at the cashier at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I was paying for my stuff and she looks at me and says, “How is your day going today” and I just said with a smile on my face, “My day is doing really good. How is your day going?”. Then we started chatting from there, just joking around and stuff. It was just all small talk and stuff, ya know? Just having fun and laughing a bit.

When women ask you “How your day is going today”, you wanna reply to her like you’re in a good and positive mood. Smile when you say it too and that’s how you get her going. After she finished what she was doing and gave me the receipt, she looks me in the eyes, smiled and said, “You have a good day, okay” and then I smiled in return and said, “You have a good day too”. I didn’t start talking to her, she started talking to me first then I responded confidently.

When women ask guys “How their day is going?”, a lot of guys would be like, “Ugggh, pretty good” like a bunch of bored wimps. No. You wanna say things like “My day is doing really good, how about yours?” That’s how you get women going when they see that you’re in a good and happy mood. If you want women to respond to you… you’ve got to be in an upbeat mood and not act like a grump, ya know?

Talking to women who work at the mall, the cashier is a great practice tool for sure so I think I’m gonna do that more each time I go to the mall. Small talk is the best way to go. The only opener you need to talk to women is “Hi how is your day going” or just a simple “Hello” and that’s pretty much all.

Doing all that research on this stuff was worth it and this stuff is helping me believe it or not. Talking to women is becoming more and more easier and I’ve become better at it lately.


It’s really easy to get women to like you, it’s not that hard at all!!!

Guys are always asking, how do I get women to like me? Well, it’s pretty simple as a matter of fact. It’s not that hard at all. All you really have to do is be cool with them. Treat them like how you want to be treated aka “a real human being”, not make them feel threatened by you, make them feel safe & protected, be confident and that’s pretty much it really. If you follow through those, women will be all over you before you know it. Just don’t be a creeper and you should be fine.

I don’t date much ’cause I used to be insecure with my looks. I was also pretty shy around women but I don’t think I am anymore, though. I didn’t think I am good looking enough and didn’t think women would find me attractive. Now I’m beginning to think that maybe they do find me good looking & attractive after all. A lot of my supporters happen to be “women” and I’ve been told by a few of them that I am “hot” which is flattering really. I’m like okay, fine.

With all this being said though, getting women to like you is really simple and easy. Not that hard at all. Once again, just be confident and make her feel safe, that’s pretty much it. Women aren’t that scary at all and they’re not gonna bite.

I really am trying my best to become successful with women and you can see that I’m really working on it. The Holidays are here and that means there’ll be all kinds of parties going on. That’s where all the women will be which will be a great time to get out there and mingle.


Do I look like a guy who is scared of women? Here are a few pics to prove that I am not!



Last night I went to a bar to attend a party I was invited to for family and friends. Yeah, I got wasted last night. Drank 4 beers and 2 shots. That was enough for me. I’m not much of a bar and alcohol kind of guy but in moderation, it’s still okay to get drunk once in a blue moon. Just not all the time.

Here’s more proof that I’ve become more confident around women. When I take selfies with the ladies, I’m not afraid to do “cheek to cheek” with her as you can see and I like to wrap my arm around her shoulder, that’s “kino” like I talked about in one post which means touching women.

Definition of “kino”: “Touching someone in order to build comfort and attraction.”

When you look at these pics, do I look like a guy who is scared of women? No, not at all.

Yeah, I was talking to the ladies last night. Talked to women I already knew and talked to women I didn’t know. There was a nice woman who was tending bar and she had purple hair so I gave her a nice compliment on her hair. I simply said, “I like your purple hair. You look really nice”. She replied with a simple “Thank you”. Those are the kind of compliments you gotta give to women, ya know? Things like that. That’s how you normally strike a conversation with her. The purple haired bartender lady turned out to be married but she’s still nice.

These pics surfaced facebook so I decided to share them here as well. So enjoy. It was a fun time last night. After last night, makes me wanna go out more and mingle.


Charlie Sheen is HIV positive… well what a surprise? (sarcasm)…

Charlie Sheen is an obvious “player”. He is in what they call “The Game” as well. He too likes to be in multiple relationships with different women. Charlie likes to sleep with the hot ones. Mostly with the 9’s and the 10’s. He mostly likes to sleep with the models and hookers obviously.

Being that kind of guy may sound a lot of fun but here is a bit of a wake up call to all the guys who are into that kind of thing. If you’re into that kind of thing, make sure you’re protected at all times. There’s a myth going on out there that you can only get HIV/AIDS through the gay lifestyle… not true. You can get that from women as well obviously.

Sucks for Charlie but I think he had it coming. He was probably one of those men who never believed in wearing protection during sex. Nothing wrong with having multiple sex partners but do it responsibly and carefully. It’s a risky game for sure.


Dating sites as a whole are for losers anyway… they’re for shy people with no social skills…

I still stand by my views and opinions on that dumb “Albany Social and Singles Meetup” group. When you start a dating site of any kind, of course you’re gonna attract a lot of crazy and whacky people. Unfortunately, I ruffled a few feathers with a few certain people in that group with that blog post I made about them. Oh well. Like I said, my opinions and views on that site still stands. They go around adding people to that group without permission which to me is pretty shady and pretty low of them. They’ve already angered a lot of people doing it too. Internet dating isn’t for everyone. When you start a dating site in facebook, of course you’re gonna get some critics. If they’re being all defensive then I must be saying the right things. They can’t take a little bit of criticism and honesty.

I don’t do internet dating sites like Okcupid, Craigslist personals, Plenty of Fish and I don’t do those paid internet dating sites like It’s all garbage pretty much. In my opinion, internet dating are for people with no social skills. People who don’t go out and socialize and meet people. I’ve always been skeptical of internet dating and still kind of am somewhat but I’m not against it completely. Meeting women through facebook is fine with me as long as she’s local and as long as I know she’s real, ya know?

Like I said before, you don’t need to make a facebook dating group or join “Singles Groups” to meet your mate. Just go out there, stay active and go out and do things. I’m trying to do that more myself by getting out more as you can see. I have been doing that. Getting out of the house more which is what I need to do myself. You don’t need a “Singles Group” to make friends. Just get out there and talk to people is all you need to do. I plan to do that more myself. That’s the only way to overcome your shyness and beat it is by practicing meeting people. Not just women, guys too. I gotta learn how to be more talkative and become more of an “extrovert”. Become more outgoing is my goal. I’ve been a shy person throughout my whole life and it’s time to grow up.


Women like to drive guys crazy in facebook ’cause why? It’s because they love attention is why…

Ever wonder why women always post beautiful photos of themselves on facebook? Ever wonder why women are always posting selfies everyday? It’s because intentionally drive men crazy and they enjoy that kind of attention. Everybody knows that guys obsess with pretty women in facebook and that’s pretty much all they use facebook for. They go around facebook looking for beautiful women to hit on and hopefully get their chance with them.

Women like to play dress up for photos. They wear a lot of makeup, they often give the duckfaces and a lot of times they like to show off their cleavages.

Then guys would obsess over women selfies, they’ll be like, “Oh you’re so beautiful and gorgeous. I hope to one day date you.” Showering them with compliments on their looks. blah blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Hey, don’t get me wrong… I love checking out the gorgeous women in facebook myself and I enjoy looking at their selfies too ’cause I gotta have my “eye candy” as well. However though, I try not to shower women with compliments on their good looks ’cause they hear that stuff all the time from people, ya know?

If you want them to respond to you and get their attention, you gotta be different and mysterious. Instead, you don’t wanna shower them with compliments at all and try to compliment them on other things. Don’t come off being needy and try not to be obsessive with her like most guys do these days is pretty much key to getting her attention.

I see this every day in facebook and other social networking sites… women post their selfies and guys obsess over them. Like I said before, I like to treat women like humans and treat them with respect most of the time. When women drop a selfie, I’ll usually hit the thumbs up button and not drop a comment at all.

Facebook is crazy and it proves that guys obsess over gorgeous women and they’ll never admit it. Women intentionally drive you crazy ’cause I believe they are testing you, I think. If they see that you’re not obsessive, they’ll be impressed with you. I am noticing that women don’t respond to guys showering them with compliments on their good looks. Like I said, try to be different and mysterious and who knows how they’ll respond.