It’s really easy to get women to like you, it’s not that hard at all!!!

Guys are always asking, how do I get women to like me? Well, it’s pretty simple as a matter of fact. It’s not that hard at all. All you really have to do is be cool with them. Treat them like how you want to be treated aka “a real human being”, not make them feel threatened by you, make them feel safe & protected, be confident and that’s pretty much it really. If you follow through those, women will be all over you before you know it. Just don’t be a creeper and you should be fine.

I don’t date much ’cause I used to be insecure with my looks. I was also pretty shy around women but I don’t think I am anymore, though. I didn’t think I am good looking enough and didn’t think women would find me attractive. Now I’m beginning to think that maybe they do find me good looking & attractive after all. A lot of my supporters happen to be “women” and I’ve been told by a few of them that I am “hot” which is flattering really. I’m like okay, fine.

With all this being said though, getting women to like you is really simple and easy. Not that hard at all. Once again, just be confident and make her feel safe, that’s pretty much it. Women aren’t that scary at all and they’re not gonna bite.

I really am trying my best to become successful with women and you can see that I’m really working on it. The Holidays are here and that means there’ll be all kinds of parties going on. That’s where all the women will be which will be a great time to get out there and mingle.


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