Couples who do nothing but brag about their relationships in facebook… a good idea???


I came across this meme and I kind of agree with it. You know a relationship is gonna be an amazing one when you don’t put it all over social networking like a lot of couples do these days. I always thought couples putting their relationships online for the whole world to see was a bad idea. Usually relationships like that really do turn out badly. It’s why you see couples in facebook splitting up constantly, it’s why this stuff can lead to cheating and all that stuff, ya know? You put your relationship with your significant other publicly for the whole world to see, it’s bound for disaster later. You want to post your relationship publicly… that means other people can see and will be talking about your personal business, spreading rumors, sparking a lot of drama, etc. You get the deal, right?

If you’re in a relationship with someone, I think it’s best to keep it private ’cause that’s why it’s called a “personal life” for a reason, ya know? A “personal life” was meant to be private. You don’t need to post everything about your love life and brag about it. Sure even if your relationship with your significant other is a good one… one thing facebook does is proves how egotistical people can be over relationships. They act like they’re so special and think they’re better than others just because they’re dating someone or being married to someone. You see couples every day in facebook where they say back & forth, “I love you” everyday and I think to myself, “Why don’t they just get a room already?”

If I ever get into a relationship with somebody one of these days, I don’t think I’ll make it public. I’ll try not to, anyway. It’s called a “personal life” for a reason. Have some respect for yourself and keep your business to yourself. You don’t need to plaster everything about your life on facebook like a lot of people do these days. It seems like in facebook, you already know everything about someone even if you haven’t met them yet which is why social networking has become pretty scary these days.



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