Yes, guys can get creepy women after them too… no doubt about it…

You know how women complain and whine about how men can be creepers to them in social networking? Well it can be that way with guys too. Us guys like me can have creepy women being obsessed with us when we’re not interested in them and they would do all they can to hook up with us. Guys get creepy women too. I just recently experienced that like with 3 or 4 different women through facebook. Kind of crazy, ya know? There are a lot of guys who get a lot of freaky ass, crazy and whack job women after us… no doubt about it.

When things like this happen to you, you shouldn’t reply to them at all and they’ll pretty much leave you alone. If they don’t leave you alone then don’t be afraid to block them.

It kind of bothers me too when crazy women come after me when I want the good ones, ya know? If you’re a guy you’ve probably experienced this yourself. Freaky women being all obsessed with ya and stuff. Like I said, I won’t date every woman that comes my way… she’s gotta catch my interest too.

It’s interesting how this is. I wish all those dating books and self-improvement stuff out there would address these issues but nobody ever talks about guys getting hit on by creepy women. That’s probably because it doesn’t help them make the money.

Yep, us guys can get strange and creepy women after us too. A lot of times these creepy women would come off a bit too fast on us and yes, there are guys that don’t really like “fast” women. Just don’t let weird women bother you… just shut them out and move on to the next one.


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