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Looks like gyms will get back open real soon??? I’ll believe it when I see it…

King Cuomo is about to make an announcement the re-open of gyms this coming Monday and I’ll be looking forward to it. Hopefully he’s gonna get the gyms back open this month. I predict the gyms in NY State will get back open at the end of August probably so I probably won’t be going back to the gym ’til Sept.


Yes, I’m sure Cuomo will announce that gyms in NY will re-open carefully and with a lot of restrictions and precautions but I’m okay with that. As long as I’m back in a gym smashing weights and making gains, I’m happy. There’s been no gym for several months and I definitely miss smashing weights and lifting.

As you all know, weightlifting is a big passion of mine other than music. Did I lose muscle gains and powerlifting strength during this time off of the gym due to this dumb pandemic? I probably did lose a little bit but I can get it all back in a few months.

When I go back though, I’m gonna change my program and routine around a little bit. Make the workout days shorter so I don’t spend two hours or a little more in the gym so I’ll have to write out a four day program and figure things out.

I think Cuomo is planning to reopen NY Gyms ’cause of all those lawsuits flying around by NY gym owners. Cuomo is feeling a lot of pressure of that and he threw in the towel? Looks like it. I think the NY gym owners won the fight so congratulations to them but I’ll wait for Monday to see if Cuomo is really gonna open gyms. I think he will.

I can’t wait to get back to my bodybuilding and powerlifting training. Can’t wait get back to my deadlifting, benching and squatting. My pr numbers on those three lifts probably went down a little bit but we’ll see.

What workout day will I start with when I return to the gym??? I’ll probably start with chest day then arm day then leg day and then back day. Like I said I might change it around to make the days shorter so I might have to combine a few body parts into one day and that’ll help I think. I’ll plan something.

Looking forward to going back to the gym this year ’cause I really miss it pretty badly.


Looks like I’m gonna be without a gym for a while longer thanks to douchebag Cuomo…

Everybody kept thinking that gyms were going re-open in NY ’cause of Phase 4 but Gov. Cuomo was never clear or not on if gyms were a part of phase 4 re-opening in NY state. Then Cuomo responds claiming that gyms are not part of Phase 4 which is bullshit since Phase 4 clearly falls under education, recreation, arts and entertainment. I mean, you would think that “gyms” would fall under “recreation”, right? Then Cuomo claims that’s not he what he meant, huh??? This also includes malls and movie theaters staying closed that would fall under “arts” and “entertainment” in Phase 4.


I’m not gonna lie that NY being without gyms during this stupid lockdown is getting to me a little bit. I am going a little crazy, honestly ’cause if it weren’t for this stupid lockdown, I would have been going to the gym all summer continuing to get those bodybuilding gains and bringing up pr’s in powerlifting.

As you can see in the article I posted above, 100’s of gym owners are angry about it too and they’re suing the state to fight back… hoping to get the gym’s re-opened.

There’s no reason to keep gyms closed ’cause it’s all about control and power, in my opinion. Keeping gyms closed and forcing people to not get any exercise is not cool. A lot of us can’t have our own home gym ’cause of no space or can’t afford our own home gym.

This really sucks for weightlifters. Not being able to lift weights and lose all your progress and lose all of your years of hard work? Ugggggghhh… I’m not ready for that. It would suck that we had to go without gyms for the rest of the year but we can get gyms back open… we just gotta keep pressuring Cuomo so I’m glad all those NY gym owners filed lawsuit and fighting back.

I hope the gyms get back open this year ’cause as soon as it does, I’m going right back on the first day and I’ll be working harder than ever on the weightlifting. Yeah, I probably lost some muscle and strength but I’ll work really hard to get it all back.

There really is no reason to keep gyms closed as long as masks and social distancing works. Lefties can go out there and protest and destroy things but we can’t get in a good workout??? Yup, you can’t get covid-19 rioting and looting but you can get it going to the gym. Fucking unreal. Liberalism is getting more and more insane.

I miss the gym badly though ’cause it’s like my 2nd home really. My home away from home. It’s what I do to get away from everything. Weightlifting my passion.