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Finally hit the big 300 as my new p.r. for deadlift… feels great!

Last week when I maxed out on the 295 lb. deadlift, I took out my lower back pretty good. I didn’t understand how that happened. I didn’t freak out and didn’t panic but kept positive and kept working out throughout the week. When you hurt your back deadlifting, you don’t sit around and do nothing at home. Just keep moving and keep doing your daily activities in life. I was trying to figure out how I did that. Was it my form? No. I figured out what it was that did it. I was doing too many sets and reps before maxing out on 1 rep to test my pr.

Gee, no wonder I had trouble on my pr’s the last couple of weeks on deadlift ’cause I was doing too many sets and reps. Looking at my program, I noticed I was doing a bit too much so from this point on, I’m only going to do 5 sets only and only doing 3 – 5 reps on the heavier ones. I was doing too many sets on deadlift that it was making me more tired and more weaker. I gotta stop doing that from now on.

Now that my lower back is all better and feeling no pain/soreness at all, I decided to try out the 5 sets and 3 – 5 reps method this week. It seemed to work quite well. Earlier today, I pulled a big 300 lbs. p.r. on deadlift (see video above) and it didn’t hurt me that time. So I got it all figured out. I’m realizing now that doing less is more to get more strength and bring your pr’s up quicker. I’m gonna follow that method through bench press and squats as well. Less is more is the trick.

I’ll try not to take out my back like that ever again but don’t worry, I was fine. It was nothing that serious. It was a minor injury but I was still able to walk around and do things. I didn’t bother telling anybody and didn’t go to the doctor ’cause I knew it was going to heal quickly and it did.

Now I’m killing it on the deadlift.



The deadlift, bench and squats maybe the big 3 but so many do ’em in horrible form, it’s very rare when you see people do ’em good…

I used to never take form and technique seriously when lifting weights but now I do. I take form very seriously now. Every aspect of it, even if it’s the smallest things… gotta do everything right. Yeah, the deadlift, bench press and squats maybe the kings of all workouts but it’s amazing to me that so many people do them wrong.

In this post, I’m going to explain on how people do them wrong. I’ve been going to the gym for years now and I’ve been observing and watching people how they workout. It’s amazing to me that so many do them horribly. I really do believe that so many people are misinformed and not very smart when it comes to working out.

Here are just a few common mistakes I see all the time for all three workouts:

Deadlift:  1) Leaning so far back when locking out. 2) Rounding of the back when lifting barbell off the floor 3) Hips too low as if you’re squatting 4) Deadlifting too close to the bar or too far back 5) Dragging the bar along your shins as you bring it up

Squats: 1) Not squatting down low enough (upper leg area must be lower than the knees, that’s the correct form) 2) Knee cave in as you bring it up 3) Heels come off the floor when trying to lift it up 4) Rounding your back 5) Leaning too far forward and not keeping your chest up where it should be

Bench press: 1) No full range of motion and refusing to bring the bar down to touch your chest (this is where half repping and partial repping comes in) 2) Butt coming off the bench 3) Head coming off the bench 4) Not having your eyes under the bar at the starting position 5) Not keeping your feet flat on the floor (some dudes would just bench with just their toes and heels pointing in the air, you’ve seen it. Some dudes would even bench with their feet planted on the bench which is bad, bad, bad)

There you go.

I’ve learned to perfect my form for deadlift, squats and bench press just by going through two powerlifting meets I did. I’ll be honest, though that my form for deadlift isn’t all the way perfect yet but even I’m still trying to get that down.

The point of this post is that it’s pretty crazy how people do these workouts in the gym pretty terribly. You would only see just a few people in the gym doing them right. I’m sure many guys get injured by doing them terribly too.

Form is a big deal y’all. Injury prevention is pretty important. You do them wrong, you could get injured pretty badly. You could get taken out of weightlifting for a couple of weeks, months or even years… even worse, your weightlifting days could be over for good depending on how bad the injury is.

I’m being very cautious ’cause I don’t want to get injured. Gym safety is important but unfortunately, not many people care about gym safety.


Just figured out why my personal records haven’t been going up lately… too many sets before testing out my 1 rep max? Yes, that could be it!

Powerlifting training is weird. I’m pretty new to powerlifting so bare with me on this. Keep in mind that powerlifting training is completely different than bodybuidling training. When you do bodybuilding training, you train for like 3 or 4 sets for 8 – 12 reps each set but powerlifting training is completely different. In powerlifting training, you start the sets off pretty light at first and then you put on more weight each sets doing fewer reps.

In the past, I was killing it on bench, squats and deadlift in the personal records… but my personal records seem to be going down instead of going up lately. I’ve been trying to figure out why that is. Is it because I’ve been doing too many sets before testing out my 1 rep max at the very end? Yes, I think that’s definitely it and I blame it on that.

I’ve been doing research on powerlifting training and usually powerlifters train for 5 sets before maxing out on the last set. Maxing out means testing your 1 rep max, I think. Usually, I’ve been doing 6 or 7 sets before testing my 1 rep max and I’m noticing that’s too much. I think I wear myself out which is why my pr’s hasn’t been going up.

So starting this week, I think I’m going to train for 5 sets on squats, bench and deadlift before testing my 1 rep max. I’m going to do this method from now on. Less is more and I gotta remember that from now on. I’ve also been resting too short in between sets so I need to rest in between sets slightly longer too.

So 5 sets before testing my 1 rep max and little longer resting in between sets, maybe my pr’s will start rapidly going up. I’ll be doing another powerlifting meet at Albany Strength again at the end of March and I want to be at my absolute best. I need to bring my pr’s up rapidly and to do that doing fewer sets before the 1 rep max should do the trick. Lessons learned.



Is bodybuilding a dying industry and powerlifting quickly taking over? Yes, it definitely seems like it…

I hope I’m not the only one noticing this. I’ve noticed that people have slowly lost interest in bodybuilding. Ya know, building muscle and losing bodyfat to be in the best shape of your life. Bodybuilding used to be big, huge and pretty mainstream but now it seems that nobody really cares anymore. Instead, it’s definitely looking like that powerlifting has taken over bodybuilding’s spotlight.

If you want to look at evidence of this, bodybuilding channels in youtube viewers are going down. A lot of the bodybuilding fitness gurus that we all looked up to, their views in their youtube channels are getting lower. Instead, I’m seeing powerlifting gurus in youtube getting more views than bodybuilding channels. You are also seeing people hosting their own powerlifting meets everywhere in the United States nowadays. If you’re a powerlifter or a newbie just getting started, chances are you’ll see a powerlifting competition happening in your local area. On the internet, you see everybody getting into powerlifting nowadays. Seems like nobody is interested in Mr. Olympia competitions anymore. Everybody is all about powerlifting now.

What is going on? Powerlifting is definitely getting bigger than bodybuilding, that’s for sure. When I got into bodybuilding, I didn’t even know powerlifting was around until I started seeing friends do it on FB. Then powerlifting looked pretty intriguing to me and now my powerlifting friends talked me into doing my first meet so I went for it. I did two powerlifting meets so far and now I consider myself a full time powerlifter. I got into powerlifting ’cause I saw everyone else doing it.

Why is powerlifting getting bigger than bodybuilding? I would think that more people want to challenge themselves into doing something different and they also find lifting heavy things pretty addicting so they keep at it. Another reason is that people want to get big and strong. No doubt that powerlifting is getting bigger and more popular.

I’m glad I discovered powerlifting ’cause I want to get bigger and stronger. I too want to challenge myself to a whole new level. Some of you may ask that since I’m in my 40’s now, I’m too old to get into powerlifting? No, not at all. Age is just a number. If you want to get into powerlifting, just do it. I’ve been to a few powerlifting meets and I saw people of all ages that are into these competitions. Ages ranging from young teenagers to people like 70 years old or older. They are lifting pretty heavy too. If they can do it so can anyone.

I’m hoping to do a lot more powerlifting competitions this year ’cause I love doing them. They are a blast. I just do it for fun for the most part ’cause I want to experience something different and want to do something huge in my life. I don’t really care to win medals or trophies to be honest. I just want to have a blast and lift heavy things. That is all.


Hit a new personal record on bench at 155 lbs. at the gym today…

So today on New Year’s Eve, I decided to hit the gym for chest day. Today was a great chest day as I just hit a new personal record on bench press at 155 lbs. today. It was a pretty easy lift too. I wasn’t able to get 155 lbs. for the past couple of weeks but I got it this time. Actually, I got 155 lbs. once a long while back but couldn’t get it again until now. I know I’m getting stronger on bench each week I do it. So I guess, training chest once a week is the trick to get more bench press strength. I’ve also been experimenting with progressive overload method on bench press which is working. Progressive overload, meaning adding more weight each set you do and do less reps each set. It’s been working so I’m going to keep doing that. Getting 155 lbs. p.r. on bench today is a great number to end the year with. This means I could probably get 160 lbs. next week and I’m going to give it a try next time.

I’m loving the bench press. It’s a great workout and I’m definitely feeling my chest beefing up each week. The bench is definitely the best chest exercise and they don’t call the king of all workouts for no reason.

For 2019, I’m hoping to get even bigger numbers on the bench. I’m hoping pretty soon in 2019, I’ll be able to bench 200 lbs. or over and I’m going to take my slow time and not rush to get there. I could probably reach to 200 lbs. next summer. I’m also going to try to get bigger numbers for squats and deadlift in 2019 as well.

Truthfully there are no easy tricks to get stronger on bench, squats and deadlifts. You just keep at it every week and you’ll get stronger the more you lift, lift and lift. That’s all there is to it really.

My gym days will keep going throughout 2019 and will keep the 4 day a week routine going with very little breaks. I’m really enjoying powerlifting training. Gonna keep at it.


Bench pressing with your butt off the bench… good idea? I say no, definitely not…

Today, I just started following USAPowerliftingNY instagram. I took a look at it and was a little curious about this one video you see above. A young lady doing bench press as you see in the video above. If you watch her doing bench, you can see that she’s doing it with her butt off the bench. There were instagram users in that post giving her compliments and positive feedback so then I decided to call her out on her awful bench press technique.

Her bench press technique is pretty bad. I said that in that post in the comments (which the comments in the post were deleted and thread is closed) and my comment sparked a huge debate. There were guys in there defending her and they were accusing me of trolling and stuff and I’m like WTF?

Isn’t the name of the game in powerlifting is critiquing a lifters form and technique? Yes, that’s the name of the game. That’s what powerlifting is all about is being realistic about your lift. I was in that thread in that video post saying that benching with your butt off the bench is bad and those guys in that post were acting like butt hurt crybabies. It’s just unreal.

I find it really strange that a powerlifting instagram would repost a benching video with the person’s butt coming off the bench and most powerlifting federations don’t accept that. Why do most and pretty much all powerlifting federations don’t accept the butt coming off the bench? Well, it’s cheating for the most part. The butt coming off the bench maybe able to let you lift more weight but it looks very risky also. You could end up injuring yourself or worse end up killing yourself if you keep benching like that. There could be an accident. If you keep benching like that, you could hurt your shoulders, have strained legs… even worse, you could end up having the fucking bar landing on your neck. I pointed all that out in that post and the next thing you know the sites administrator deleted all the posts and closed the comments.

Looks like I just won the argument and they couldn’t take it.

In the video above, here is that girl’s instagram. Watch her other benching videos on her instagram and you can see she has her butt off the bench on all of them. This is how she benches on a regular basis. This girl looks young too maybe between 15 – 20 years old or something like that.


I was just concerned for her safety and that was all but unfortunately, that’s not okay in the powerlifting community.

People bench pressing with their butt off the bench is nothing new. I see it all the time in my local gym at the Battenkill Y. I see guys benching like that all the time. It’s ego lifting for sure and it makes you kinda douchey.

When you bench, your ass needs to be on the bench. Period. Any powerlifter that sees the butt coming off the bench as acceptable is not a real powerlifter. On top of that, benching with your butt coming off the bench doesn’t do anything to your pec muscles to begin with. That’s more of a decline bench and I believe you’re more working the shoulders and triceps and not the chest.

I thought it was pretty crazy that when I called this girl out on her form and those guys in that post defended her. That’s because she’s young and they tried to make it look like I was knocking her when I wasn’t. I was concerned for her safety is all and they thought I was trolling her. They were trying not to make a young girl feel bad and that’s what it was. If there was an older guy benching with his butt off the bench I’m pretty sure they would be ripping him to shreds. lol…


Is it fair for the bodybuilding industry to call heavy lifters “egos”???

You hear it all the time in the bodybuilding and weightlifting world. People wanting to lift real heavy and get real strong, always gets called all kinds of names. They get criticized by people all the time. They get called conceited. Egotistical. Get called many other things for wanting to lift heavy. Is it fair for heavy lifters to get called egotistical?

No, definitely not. It’s definitely not fair. I think it’s actually a very good and courageous thing for people for wanting to challenge themselves to lift heavy weights. Whether you agree with it or not, it is very brave to find out the heaviest number you can lift and find out what your personal records are. There’s nothing wrong with that. People wanting to lift heavy and train for powerlifting. It’s mostly the bodybuilding industry that likes to make fun of the powerlifting industry. It’s crazy, ya know?

Why do powerlifters and heavylifters always get criticized and get called names? Well, I know I say this word a lot but definitely “jealousy” is a big part of it. Bodybuilders don’t do heavy lifting, they mostly do hypertrophy training. Bodybuilders are always calling powerlifters juiced up egomaniacs but want to know what I think is being an egomaniac in weightlifting? Bodybuilders who say they want to have the best physiques. Bodybuilders who say they want to get big as possible. How come they don’t get called “egos” for wanting to have a big and muscular body? There’s so much ego in bodybuilding ’cause they want to be posing on a stage and hoping to win the biggest trophy. That’s not having an ego, hey? There are egos in bodybuilding too, make no mistake about it.

People always think heavy lifting isn’t healthy, could get you injuries and they think powerlifting is dangerous. Well heavy lifting can be healthy and you could get a lot of great benefits lifting heavy things. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover when people want to lift heavy things. It also doesn’t have to be dangerous if you do good technique and good form. Bodybuilding can give you injuries just like powerlifting can. They don’t want to admit that fact.

In the past, I used to be against lifting heavy but now I’m loving it. I find heavy lifting very addicting. It’s a thrill to realize that you are that strong. I can see why so many strong men out there wanna lift heavy ’cause it’s a blast and such a thrill. It gets you pumped up and excited.

Heavy lifters shouldn’t be badly judged. If you want to do it then do it. Don’t listen to the critics and doubters. My goal is to become very strong and there’s nothing egotistical about that. It’s just something that I want. Strength training is a blast and I’m loving it.