Squatting with depth this time… breaking paralell squats for powerlifting…

Ever since I got into powerlifting full time two years ago, I’ve always struggled on trying to get squat form right and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. In powerlifting competition especially the USAPL federation, to get squat depth right, you gotta break parallel. Meaning no parallel squats /w the legs parallel to the floor… you can’t squat like that in powerlifting… they want you to go deeper. Going deeper means that you gotta squat low until the crease of the hip goes below the top of the knee.

I always google information on squatting on how to get squat depth right and watching powerlifting competitions online on how they do it. The trick to getting squat depth right that the USAPL ask for is to get the hips lower than the knee caps… making the hamstrings touch the top of your calves is the way to do it.

So in order to go below parallel, I had to go for lighter weights, I guess and I was able to break parallel every rep and didn’t miss a single lift today in squats. Felt good. I smashed a 130 lb. single which was the best I could do. Like the video says that lift was a fighter but I was able to lock it out.

I’ll take 130 lbs. heavy single for now and I’ll try my best to go up in numbers before the end of the year. Hopefully get up to 180 lbs. or 190 lbs. before the end of the year and I’m gonna do my best to get there. I really need to bring my squat numbers up and if going lighter is what it will take for now so be it. I’ll still do 1 – 5 heavy reps, just do the weights that I know I can do. I’m gonna train smart. No more messing around. Time to go up in numbers on the big three.

Squats really is an awesome lift. I’m liking it more and more. Enjoy the video above.


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