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Hit a new personal record on bench at 155 lbs. at the gym today…

So today on New Year’s Eve, I decided to hit the gym for chest day. Today was a great chest day as I just hit a new personal record on bench press at 155 lbs. today. It was a pretty easy lift too. I wasn’t able to get 155 lbs. for the past couple of weeks but I got it this time. Actually, I got 155 lbs. once a long while back but couldn’t get it again until now. I know I’m getting stronger on bench each week I do it. So I guess, training chest once a week is the trick to get more bench press strength. I’ve also been experimenting with progressive overload method on bench press which is working. Progressive overload, meaning adding more weight each set you do and do less reps each set. It’s been working so I’m going to keep doing that. Getting 155 lbs. p.r. on bench today is a great number to end the year with. This means I could probably get 160 lbs. next week and I’m going to give it a try next time.

I’m loving the bench press. It’s a great workout and I’m definitely feeling my chest beefing up each week. The bench is definitely the best chest exercise and they don’t call the king of all workouts for no reason.

For 2019, I’m hoping to get even bigger numbers on the bench. I’m hoping pretty soon in 2019, I’ll be able to bench 200 lbs. or over and I’m going to take my slow time and not rush to get there. I could probably reach to 200 lbs. next summer. I’m also going to try to get bigger numbers for squats and deadlift in 2019 as well.

Truthfully there are no easy tricks to get stronger on bench, squats and deadlifts. You just keep at it every week and you’ll get stronger the more you lift, lift and lift. That’s all there is to it really.

My gym days will keep going throughout 2019 and will keep the 4 day a week routine going with very little breaks. I’m really enjoying powerlifting training. Gonna keep at it.



The bench press the most dangerous workout in the gym? No not at all but what about these workouts???

People are always attacking the bench press and calling it the most dangerous workout in the gym. Is it really? No not at all.

If you want “most dangerous workouts” there are a bunch of others but you never see the bodybuilding industry attacking them. How come you never see the bodybuilding industry attacking workouts like barbell raises behind the head, lat pull downs behind the head, upright rows for shoulders, dumbbell front rows for shoulders and hack squat with knees together??? There are a few “most dangerous” workouts for ya but you don’t see people criticizing them but they do those workouts in the gym anyways.

I don’t do any of those workouts at all but I’ll admit that I experimented with upright rows for shoulders for a couple of weeks. If you want a workout that is hard on the shoulders, it’s not the bench press… try the upright row whether barbell or dumbbells. You’ll notice right away that the upright row is very uncomfortable. I experimented with upright rows for a little bit but I noticed something was up with my shoulders and it was making my joints uncomfortable too so then I immediately stopped doing upright rows.

In my opinion, I think the “upright rows” are the most dangerous workout but you see lifters do that workout in the gym all the freakin’ time. I also believe “upright rows” or “behind the neck” exercises are overrated. Both are very dangerous to the shoulders but you see a lot of guys and even women do them anyways.

In my opinion, the best exercises for shoulders are seated dumbbell presses and standing dumbbell lateral side raises. That’s how I got those big delts by doing those. You don’t need to do behind the neck barbell pressing for shoulders and don’t need to do upright rows at all ’cause those look risky to me. There are plenty of other great workouts for shoulders but instead you see people doing the dangerous ones.

It’s very weird to me that people call the bench press a dangerous workout but they’ll never admit that there are plenty of other dangerous workouts in the gym like those ones I talked about above.

Truthfully, though, ALL workouts in the gym are dangerous and you can get injured in ALL of them but those ones talked about in this video are the most dangerous of all.

I enjoy most workouts in the gym but I hate “upright rows” for shoulders. I wish people would quit doing them ’cause they are going to wreck their shoulders if they continue and their lifting days could be over for good.


I don’t understand why some don’t like the bench press. It’s a great workout and it’s helping me get more gains!

Well, I’m so glad that I’ve gotten into bench pressing full time. I’m noticing that the bench press workout is helping me get more gains and I’ve been noticing that my chest is beefing up ’cause of it. So many lifters like to trash the bench press and I don’t know why. In the past, I used to be a critic of the “bench press” exercise but it grew on me and now I love it. I think the barbell flat bench is better than dumbbell press but that’s my opinion. My upper body is starting to look like a bodybuilder ’cause the bench is helping.

Some say that the bench is hard on the shoulders and you could get shoulder injuries ’cause of it. Well, the bench don’t have to be hard on the shoulders. You just got to know where to hold the bar in the air and know where to bring it down. Keeping your elbows tucked in while benching is key to saving your shoulders. There are ways to save your shoulders benching, you just gotta know how to do it.

I’m finding benching pretty addicting. A lot of people say it’s the most dangerous workout but it don’t have to be as long as you know what you’re doing and doing it responsibly. To me, I think it’s a pretty safe  and easy workout. Of course, when you go for the heavy weights on the bench get a spotter whenever you think you’re in need of one.

I’m liking the bench press a lot as it’s helping my chest grow and like I said, I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder finally which I’m very proud about. I’m going to keep benching full time and just ignore the critics. Bench press overrated? Not really.

I think bench press is the best compound workout. The reason I’m getting into bench press, squats and deadlift full time is ’cause I need to do more compound stuff than just isolation stuff. In the past, I’ll admit that I’ve been focusing more on isolation stuff but I need to do more compound exercises which I’ve been doing.

I think the bench press is one workout that deserves more respect. I think some don’t like it out of fear of an accident or an injury or something, that’s probably what it is. I used to avoid the bench press like the plague but now I’m all over it and feel great about it.


Bench pressing with your butt off the bench… good idea? I say no, definitely not…

Today, I just started following USAPowerliftingNY instagram. I took a look at it and was a little curious about this one video you see above. A young lady doing bench press as you see in the video above. If you watch her doing bench, you can see that she’s doing it with her butt off the bench. There were instagram users in that post giving her compliments and positive feedback so then I decided to call her out on her awful bench press technique.

Her bench press technique is pretty bad. I said that in that post in the comments (which the comments in the post were deleted and thread is closed) and my comment sparked a huge debate. There were guys in there defending her and they were accusing me of trolling and stuff and I’m like WTF?

Isn’t the name of the game in powerlifting is critiquing a lifters form and technique? Yes, that’s the name of the game. That’s what powerlifting is all about is being realistic about your lift. I was in that thread in that video post saying that benching with your butt off the bench is bad and those guys in that post were acting like butt hurt crybabies. It’s just unreal.

I find it really strange that a powerlifting instagram would repost a benching video with the person’s butt coming off the bench and most powerlifting federations don’t accept that. Why do most and pretty much all powerlifting federations don’t accept the butt coming off the bench? Well, it’s cheating for the most part. The butt coming off the bench maybe able to let you lift more weight but it looks very risky also. You could end up injuring yourself or worse end up killing yourself if you keep benching like that. There could be an accident. If you keep benching like that, you could hurt your shoulders, have strained legs… even worse, you could end up having the fucking bar landing on your neck. I pointed all that out in that post and the next thing you know the sites administrator deleted all the posts and closed the comments.

Looks like I just won the argument and they couldn’t take it.

In the video above, here is that girl’s instagram. Watch her other benching videos on her instagram and you can see she has her butt off the bench on all of them. This is how she benches on a regular basis. This girl looks young too maybe between 15 – 20 years old or something like that.


I was just concerned for her safety and that was all but unfortunately, that’s not okay in the powerlifting community.

People bench pressing with their butt off the bench is nothing new. I see it all the time in my local gym at the Battenkill Y. I see guys benching like that all the time. It’s ego lifting for sure and it makes you kinda douchey.

When you bench, your ass needs to be on the bench. Period. Any powerlifter that sees the butt coming off the bench as acceptable is not a real powerlifter. On top of that, benching with your butt coming off the bench doesn’t do anything to your pec muscles to begin with. That’s more of a decline bench and I believe you’re more working the shoulders and triceps and not the chest.

I thought it was pretty crazy that when I called this girl out on her form and those guys in that post defended her. That’s because she’s young and they tried to make it look like I was knocking her when I wasn’t. I was concerned for her safety is all and they thought I was trolling her. They were trying not to make a young girl feel bad and that’s what it was. If there was an older guy benching with his butt off the bench I’m pretty sure they would be ripping him to shreds. lol…


Too many guys bench press in terrible form, it’s crazy… are this many guys misinformed about bench press? Wow!!!

Yes. Bench press is the most popular workout in the gym. They don’t call it the king of all workouts for no reason ’cause it really is. Everyday you walk into a gym, you would see guys and even women doing barbell bench pressing. It’s funny when I watch other guys in the gym doing barbell flat bench ’cause there are so many who bench in terrible form. Too many bench in terrible form, it’s crazy.

Let me explain terrible benching mistakes they do:

  • Half-repping: When they hold the bar high up, they only bring it down half-way and push the bar back up again. That’s how I see a lot of guys do their reps. I disagree with that. That’s not doing anything.
  • Partial-repping: Kind of similar to half-repping but slightly different. I see a lot of guys when they take the bar off the rack and hold it way up to start their set, they only bring the bar down very little. Bring it down very little and push it back up very little. You’ve seen that too and I’m like, wtf is that doing?
  • Elbow flare: What this is, it’s when guys have their elbows tucked in when they bring the bar down but when they bring it up they bring their arms parallel to the bar which is bad. You want to keep your elbows tucked in throughout the whole rep which is what I try to do.
  • Wrists rolling back: Many would bench with their wrists rolled back but that’s kind of dangerous. It’s better to keep your wrists neutral which is what I try to do most of the time.
  • Butt raising off the seat: I see this one a lot in the gym. Guys doing their reps on the bench and their butt goes off the seat on each rep. There’s a guy at the gym that I’ve seen that benches like this and it’s bad. They do this as a way to push the heavy weights more, but if they keep lifting like this, they are going to hurt themselves one of these days. It is a part of ego lifting believe it or not.
  • Bouncing the bar off the chest: This is a real common one. Dudes that bench their reps really quickly and they bounce the bar off their chest really fast which is bad. I don’t do that at all. What I do is set the bar on my chest lightly, pause for a second and then push it up. That’s how you do it.
  • Not keeping the bar balanced when lifting: You see a lot of dudes lift this way. Bar not balancing, bar being lower than the other side. If you’re doing that then you’re going too heavy. That’s ego lifting.
  • Doing really fast reps: I see too many guys bench this way. Lifting heavy barbells and doing their reps up and down really quickly. They do it in good form but they do the reps fast. I don’t like that. It isn’t doing anything giving them fast reps. It’s better to do them slowly, in my opinion. The slower the better. You get more contraction in slow range of motion.
  • Going too heavy without a spotter: I understand that there are going to be lots of ego-lifters on the bench press, admit it right? A lot of other men in the gym will never admit that they like to be show-offs and show everyone how tough they are. It’s a wrong thing to do to sacrifice your form to show off your big ego. It’s okay to leave your ego at the door and only lift weights that you can handle. No one cares if you can’t lift the heavy weights. When I bench in the gym, I don’t really need a spotter ’cause the benches there have safety catchers and I figured out a way to safely get out of a failed lift if I get in trouble. If I can’t get the weight up all the way, I’ll just carefully set the bar on the safety catcher, it’s easy. A lot of times I like to challenge myself and lift the heavy ones to see what my latest p.r.’s are. If your gym doesn’t have a power rack or if your gym have benches with no safety catchers then you need a spotter. You don’t want to get thrown in an ambulance, trust me.

So there you have it. Enjoy and bench safely and responsibly! I love benching. I used to be against benching but now it has grown on me.