Looks like gyms will get back open real soon??? I’ll believe it when I see it…

King Cuomo is about to make an announcement the re-open of gyms this coming Monday and I’ll be looking forward to it. Hopefully he’s gonna get the gyms back open this month. I predict the gyms in NY State will get back open at the end of August probably so I probably won’t be going back to the gym ’til Sept.


Yes, I’m sure Cuomo will announce that gyms in NY will re-open carefully and with a lot of restrictions and precautions but I’m okay with that. As long as I’m back in a gym smashing weights and making gains, I’m happy. There’s been no gym for several months and I definitely miss smashing weights and lifting.

As you all know, weightlifting is a big passion of mine other than music. Did I lose muscle gains and powerlifting strength during this time off of the gym due to this dumb pandemic? I probably did lose a little bit but I can get it all back in a few months.

When I go back though, I’m gonna change my program and routine around a little bit. Make the workout days shorter so I don’t spend two hours or a little more in the gym so I’ll have to write out a four day program and figure things out.

I think Cuomo is planning to reopen NY Gyms ’cause of all those lawsuits flying around by NY gym owners. Cuomo is feeling a lot of pressure of that and he threw in the towel? Looks like it. I think the NY gym owners won the fight so congratulations to them but I’ll wait for Monday to see if Cuomo is really gonna open gyms. I think he will.

I can’t wait to get back to my bodybuilding and powerlifting training. Can’t wait get back to my deadlifting, benching and squatting. My pr numbers on those three lifts probably went down a little bit but we’ll see.

What workout day will I start with when I return to the gym??? I’ll probably start with chest day then arm day then leg day and then back day. Like I said I might change it around to make the days shorter so I might have to combine a few body parts into one day and that’ll help I think. I’ll plan something.

Looking forward to going back to the gym this year ’cause I really miss it pretty badly.


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