Going on vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic is interesting…

I haven’t posted on the blog for a whole week ’cause i went on vacation in Cape Cod, Mass. for a whole week. I love Cape Cod. I’ve been there so many times. I’ve been to vacation at different places in the United States but I think the Cape would have to be my favorite.

Going on vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic is interesting, though. You can’t really do much fun stuff since a lot of places will be closed due to pandemic. About all you can do is go to the beaches, do some fishing, swimming, go to shops and eat at restaurants. That’s it pretty much.

Yes, I went to the beach a lot but I didn’t swim this time ’cause I’m not much of a swimmer anymore. I like swimming, just not a good swimmer anymore, ya know? I don’t swim much so I guess I forgot how to swim. I’m not afraid of water or anything. I just walked along the beach for some exercise and adventure ’cause I like doing that.

I also did a bit of shopping for myself and spent the afternoon in Hyannis by myself last Friday afternoon. Downtown Hyannis where President Kennedy used to live has a pretty cool town with all the cool shops. I only go there ’cause they have an actual record store that I like… yes a record store, remember those? The name of the record store is called “Spinnaker Records” and I always go to the store each time I go to Cape Cod. I walked out with 4 cd’s this year. Two albums by David Bowie that I don’t have yet… “Lodger” and “Pinups”. I also picked up the Who “Tommy” and The Beatles “Let It Be”, all on CD. I also picked up 4 books from Cape Cod: “The Dirt” by Motley Crue, a biography of Billy the Kid, a biography of Al Capone and a book by Billy Gibbons (the guy from ZZ Top). I also bought a t-shirt with the American Flag “Blue Line” shirt so I can show my support for the police and bought an Iphone/Ipod holder for my bicycle that way I can film video while riding the bike.

Going on vacation during a “mask wearing” pandemic is interesting, though. If you ever want to feel stupid, I’m seeing a lot of people out there wearing masks every where they go. People wear masks even outside when walking, riding their bikes and even while they’re running. It’s like seriously? I don’t like wearing masks but I only wear them when going into a store if they have a sign that says “masks are required”.

This mask wearing thing is silly and so fucking stupid. I hate wearing them myself and I want this mask shit to end already.

Other than that, it was a great vacation. Spend some time with family and also for me to get away from everyone and everything and all the crazy bullshit in the world. It was nice to get away from it all.

I’ll try to post on the blog a lot more this week.


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